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Gins rollocking riddles Yes here we go again do have a go!


1.Which candle burns longer the red one or the green candle?

2. What gets bigger and bigger as you take more away from it?

3.How many apples can you put in an empty box?

4. What has teeth but cannot eat?

5. What are two things you cannot have for breakfast?

6. what can you serve but never eat?

7.three men were in a Boat. It capsized but only two got their heads wet. Why?

8. What has two hands, no fingers, stand still and goes?

9. How many seconds are there in a Year?

10 Which months have 28 days?

11. What belongs to you but is used more by other people?

12. Whats the definition of Intense?

Right there you go I will give you all longer to answer this time. I will check them at 7.00pm

Good luck I hope they are not too easy - but of course I know the answers LOL Good luck


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2 a hole

3 none or it would not be empty

4 a comb or a saw

5 dinner and tea

6 a tennis ball

10 all of them

11 your name?

12 camping :)

T'hats all folks now im stuck sue

Is 2 a hole? 4 a zip, 6 a tennis ball, 8 a clock, 9 a second of each month so 12, 10 is all of them, 5 lunch and dinner,

Not sure about the rest, was really fun tho gins - thank you xxx

1 green

2 hole

31 then it's not empty

4 a saw

5 lunch supper

6 notice

7 two were short and the other tall

8 a clock

9 none

10 February or none depending on your loopiness

11 your name

12 scouts at camp

Thanks for the fun. Where do you get them from, keep 'em coming :P

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How and why green?


Thank you gins :)


2 hole

3 one as then it is no longer empty

4 comb

5 Beans and Fried bread LOLOLOL

6 Tennis ball


8 clock

9 12

10 All of them

11 Name or telephone number

12 Camping ;)

YAY! I made it this time and that's all from me too :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)

fenbadger in reply to Hidden

no 5. Bad girl :P

Gins is being very pedantic methinks. red is a "one" therefore not a candle. green is a "candle" crafty. anyway what makes you think I might be right. Badgers's not known for intelligence :P

How are you today Sue? xx

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V,Good. Keep thinking inside of the blue box.


Tired and achey today.

Roll on bed time. Oh and i got some narners in the freezer ready to make ice cream to go with apple pie. shhh or ken will hear

Hows the man flu?. .

fenbadger in reply to Hidden

TARDIS ahoy.

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I thought you would know that, :P

fenbadger in reply to Hidden

You're not doing so bad either :D

fenbadger in reply to Hidden

Keep it quiet but I ventured out for ice cream for the throat. It's bang on schedule - hacking cough now. I'll be right just in time for work but prob not the weekend. :(

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I should have known better, Healthy ice cream. use bananas, I forgot, narners give my heart burn before even reaching my stomach, One mouthful of ice cream and even with gaviscon, i`m still suffering one hour later, :( :(

fenbadger in reply to Hidden

Oh you poor thing. And it's one of your 5 a day. :P I had Cornish cream mmm

Don't tell anyone it wasn't worm and earwig :P

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I can`t have cream or anything else that contains fat after about 2ish or I suffer all night

fenbadger in reply to Hidden

Oh, that's rough. Ain't life a beach sometimes? :(

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Nite nite my eyes are streaming. bed time

fenbadger in reply to Hidden

Goodnight Sue. Sweet dreams :) xx

Methinks it's the size of the candle that matters not the colour :d

Hi how are you all doing - pretty good what about No1 red or green ?

answers to be confirmed or not at 8.00 still time for more answers please!!

1. It depends on what size either the red or green one is

2. Your overdraft

3. None because it wouldn't be empty

4. A comb

5. Lunch or Supper

6. Jury service

7. Because the other man was tall

8. A clock

9. There are twelve - 2nds of each month ( I hope)

10. All of them

11. My name?

12. Being in a tent

Foggy x

D'oh. fink I missed no 9 :P

hello, q2/a hole , 3/ one ,4/ a comb, 5/lunch & dinner ,6/ a customer, 8/a clock, 9/ 31449600, 10/ feb

aw im too late :(

Oh dear! been busy all days and missed this one! Never mind, at least I filled by biscuit barrel up again.

Thank you for doing all of this gins, it is genuinely appreciated

Ken x

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