Trying to pace myself, thanks Emma for reposting the spoon theory.

Re read it & realised I have unrealistic view of how fibro actually affects me. Tried to start saving spoons, storing up energy by resting, trying to ignore guilt about h/work. Almost had good day, till Son came home from school, tired, asked why i couldnt bring him home in the car like i take him there. Said we would talk about it later, when we both werent tired, we ended up arguing, again. So now stressed & losing spoons fast. Couldnt get son off his computer bedtime, wanted early night, was 11.30 b4 i got 2 bed, didnt even have spare spoon to brush my teeth. So today im trying again resting, ignoring mess, posting on my phone, which is making my arms ache, my glasses hurt my head,

God how can a phone b so heavy? Hope All ok & having good day, will end this long post & try to nap again. Keep on pacing, keep on pacing, keep on, as the fish finding nemo said, sort of. Hugs, Julie x

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  • (((gentle hugs))) coming your way. It is so hard to pace yourself with fibro - even knowing about the spoon theory I'm still lousy at pacing, but what might help is for you to make a list (either in your head or on paper) of the absolute essentails that you need to do each day. For example I need to pick up my daughter from nursery and she will want to play with me but I know that I don't have much energy for the playing part (she's 3) so I shall sit on the floor next to her and her toys and conserve as much energy as I can whilst chatting with her.

  • I have tried so many times to apply the spoon theory, but oh boy do they run out fast :o I personally think there is nothing more draining than a quarrel, and spoon go flying, luckily I don't have many arguments with my doglets but if I have a run in with the weeble I always end up completely exhausted and out of spoons completely. :o :o

    Foggy x

  • Is the weeble completely insensitive? = thinking about the village marathon :( hugs

  • did you know that weeble's wobble?

  • But they don't fall down :P

  • :p

  • Ha :-(

  • She is completely insensitive and making an art form of it. Even better if she has an audience to show me up to, as she did this morning, :o :o :-( The only things in life that matter to her are vast quantities of food and herself, every time she holds a conversation it always always goes back to being about her. I can honestly say I've never met a more insensitive and idle individual in my life !! :o

    Foggy x

  • Yuk. I wonder if we can poison her with some cat cake ? :P

    I know a couple a bit like that. My fibro always comes back to their runny nose or something equally trivial. Luckily I don't even have to pretend to like them :P

  • Hehe,you two do compliment each other nicely with your silliness lol.Yes I don't have hardly any spoons today,haven't even brushed teeth yet! Got a horrible infection again which is draining all my spoons :( I get that too with my kids where if I argue and raise my voice it drains me terribly xxx

  • Thanks for the hugs lucyhobbit, am in need of them today. Am not able to see the funny side of life today, julie x

  • Hi Julie63

    I am so sorry to hear that you are struggling in this way at the present time. I sincerely hope that the spoons theory works for you?

    Maybe if you had extra spoons this would help? I think sometimes that we really need to take a deep breathe and say to ourselves that we cannot do something today and stick firm to this no matter what anybody else says. I know I have to on so many occasions.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thanks ken. I was just signing off but saw your post. I'm going to go & do tomorrow's lunches for the workers, then have tea, wash up & then straight to bed - no hanging around to see what's on tv - I've got my programmes set to record already, so I can see them tomorrow. And like someone once said - tomorrow's another day. Whatever I don't get done this evening can wait till tomorrow. (Well, the newspaper pile needs tackling tonight - it's bin day tomorrow, but other than that, I'm going to stay firm & leave it till tomorrow - after all, no one else is going to do it, so I'm not going to be moaned at for leaving it for them to do!!!) Now, I really must go - my fingers & toes are freezing & cramping up - time to go get warmed up! Bye Ken, gentle hugs, hope you & your wife are well, Julie xxxx

  • It's a great way of telling others what our days are like. I just need to learn how to spend my spoons. I always run out.



  • Me too jilly :o

    Foggy x

  • Why don't those blumin spoons come to life like the cleaning stuff in Snow White and those silly dwarfs. They dance all over the kitchen singing away and cleaning up.... Wow! Can you imagine the jobs they could do...... obviously, I've watched that film with my grandaughter once too often. Xxx

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