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ugh,I have been referred to my local weight watchers by my GP.I get 12 weeks of classes and 16 weeks of e source which is an online addition to the class information.Trouble is I have around 8 or 9 stone to lose and I definitely wont lose that in 12 weeks.The leader said that if I can lose 10 % of my weight I can have another 12 weeks if they are available.I had to ring 3 times to get these vouchers so I don't much fancy my chances!!

I didn't choose the best week to start but as we don't go back for 2 weeks at least I'll have time to learn the rules.All the people are very friendly and helpful.

I'm interested to see how weight loss will affect my fibro.

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  • my daughter did weight watchers and lost weight steadily and it stayed off which is important too, best of luck but don't loose all the cuddliness x

  • Ohhh good luck, as you say not the best time to start but I hope it helps

    VG x

  • Haha hears a good 1 went to my GP but normal doc not there so went to some new doc only to be told, Just stop eating and your knee,s and back pain will go,the thing is I hadnt even said any thing about my knees, I thought oh he,s kidding me right...waiiting for him to say onlly joking wrong he was deadly serious.I no I have gained 2 stone through fibro but I was in shock and then forgot what I had gone there for talk about blunt haha x

  • Good luck with it let us know how you get on - I need to loose a few pounds too! Xxx

  • Thanks for your support,watch this space,I'll be the only one gaining weight lol !

  • Best of luck Amanda, please let us know how you get on. Take care.

    (((hug))) xxx


  • Good luck Amanda!! I have a terrible fight with my weight!! I could do with losing a lot, and I mean A LOT of weight but I'm told that my diabetes medication stops it!! I managed to lose about 6 stone by cutting out all starchy carbs, but can't seem to lose any more!! I hope you have more luck!! XX

  • I don't post on her but i read everyones posts daily, because of my weight gain my doc actually referred me to the obesity clinic at my local hospital with a view to gastric banding. I did everything that was required of me ie following the dieticians recommendations, doing as much exercise with the physio as i could manage etc and after nearly 6 months i had barely lost anything! The clinic doctor actually told me that even though i had done everything that i had been told to do i was obviously still eating too much and it didn't matter if i couldn't exercise as he'd had ppl in wheelchairs who hadn't exercised but had lost the required 10%. Anyway, after telling him 'where to go' and stomping around for a few days at home i came across the following site; secretdietdrops.co.uk/index..., now you might be thinking its a load of rubbish (i thought it was) but after reading all the info and joining their facebook page to read what others were saying i decided to give it a go. i did the diet for 23 days (i'm now following the maintenance part of it) and i lost a stone and a half! I have not regained this weight and will be starting the diet again in jan in order to lose more weight (i have about 4/5 stones to lose) Have a look yourselves, this is not a con and i don't gain anything by recommending the site to you but i can honestly say it is worth it, its 100% natural and even my doc and dietician have said they can't find anything wrong with it and are happy for me to do it.

  • Forgot to say, the internet page is a bit crappy and very commercalised? (lots of adverts) the facebook page is better, loads of support and there are plenty of people willing to talk about their experience and weight loss.

  • I iwsh veryone luck that is trying any type of diet. I used my own diet and I shed 7 stone in just under two years. I won't tell anyone what it is as it does not work for everyone. I have put a stone back on as I reverted back to the comfort eating but I know I can lose that again. Good luck everyone xxxxx

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