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Weight problems


I don't know if it's all the tablets I'm on, or because I'm a little depressed because of the pain I'm having or that I have a food binge from time to time because I'm depressed but I just can't lose weight, I lost 5 stone 2 years ago but I've put on 2 stone since. I just want the pain to stop and to be happy again and get into all my clothes that I brought when I lost all my weight. Its getting me down now and I'm eating more. Why can't I lose weight, is anyone else going through this??

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Some medication does make it difficult keep weight off. However I didn't have that excuse as I can't take prescription drugs. Being in pain leads to less exercise and mobility which leads to weight gain. Been there put on a lot of weight because of limited mobility and the fact that I was depressed and bored had me heading for food cupboard/fridge anywhere where I could get my hands on something to put in my mouth. Eventually - and it does come to a point- where I had to do something about it. Again you have to be in the right place and mind set. My husband had two major heart attacks and had to change his diet and exercise regime considerably. I joined him on the heart diet which is very very similar to Slimming World. I wasn't expecting to lose weight but I did. My husband didn't but then he didn't need to. I was so encouraged that I joined Slimming World and lost over 4 stone which I have maintained for well over a year. It's the mind set which is important - don't see weight loss as a diet it has to be a change of lifestyle. Once I learned to substitute high fat content foods for others and the values of different foods I was away and I don't consider myself to be on a diet it is just how we eat now. We still go out occasionally but I have learned to do my homework on the menu and check what is high fat and what isnt. Takes a bit of planning but the weight has stayed off.

I use hypnotherapy, chiropractor, heat pads, tens machine, epsom salt baths - all help with pain together with gentle exercise. By gentle believe me I mean gentle as I have osteoarthritis and other problems too so sometimes its just a stroll up the garden. I have a blue badge so going out is a bit easier but even then I either need elbow crutches, sticks or my trusty rollator with a seat so that I can sit down often. Weight loss is possible, please don't think you can't - believe me if I can do it anyone can.

Take care


Thank you for your reply, I might go back to weight watchers, mayb with the support again I might be able to lose the weight again. But may be I need help for the depression, but I don't want to go on antidepressants again I don't want to be dribbling mess again. I don't know what else to do

I tried weight watchers too and put the weight back on. Never did manage to keep it off with their plan. Found slimming world so much easier. Might be worth having a look at their groups and on line info.

OK great thanks for that will look into it x

Hezzy in reply to Dinkie


Over the past 4 years I was steadily gaining weight. I saw my Rheumatologist in April this year who put me on a low dose of Nortriptyline, which has now increased to 20mg before bed. Since taking these I have lost a stone in weight. My diet hasn’t changed but I have put it down to sleeping well every night. I hardly slept previously and my fatigue was unbearable.

Do you sleep well at night? Perhaps it’s worth a talk with your GP.

I do hope you find something that’s helps as it’s miserable not fitting into the clothes you once wore.

Best wishes.

Oh yes!!! Meds definitely interfere wit metabolism esp things like Pre GAbilin and Cymbalta which I'm on. Then you can exercise. Plus I'm a pre-menopausal woman in my mid fifties so that also stops me loosing weight.

I lost 3 stone eating Paleo but put 2 back on.Its proving really hard to shift.I've tried calorie counting as I figured out with a BBC app that because of my inactivity I need 1400 calories just to live and breathe. So I cut it down to 1200. It was ridiculously hard and exhausting.I managed for 6 weeks then gave up. I'm going back to PAleo starting from today so we shall see.

I understand bingeing also when you're depressed. I was very ill 15 years ago and I ate and ate even though I wasnt hungry. Something was propelling me to eat sugary carbs. I could still easily loose control but I eat a low sugar diet now because there is type 2 diabetes in my family and my blood sugars have been a bit iffy.

People rave about slimming world but TBH its not a healthy diet! Its still touting the low fat high carb bit which has been proved to contribute , not stop, heart disease.

ANyway. good luck whatever you try.

Hi there.

Listen to YOURSELF ...you said "Why can't I lose it!"


5 Stone is a huuuuuge amount to lose and you achived it. HOORAY! I know its awful to put 2 back on. sometimes meds do interfere. Age also contributes to a slower metabolism .. but nothings impossible.

Your asking why u cant lose the weight.. its because your eating and eating eating... its a vicious cycle youve created around yourself and only you can break it. Im not wanting to sound harsh.


Its not easy to lose 5stone and it definitely doesn't happen overnight. So try Push YOURSELF again to get back into the same regime because YOU CAN! Not alot can do what you did. Dont give up on yourself.. YOU ARE AN ACHIEVER AND A WINNER. I found cutting out the sugar helps. And the best way to cut out is Actually quite simple...DO NOT BUY IT!

Ive done this and told my children aged 11/12 that there is no more chocolate crisps biscuits or fizzy drinks in the house...EVERYONE is going around searching in places i normally put stuff and returning empty handed...its funny to see sometimes, but its the only way to keep everyone healthy. Im trying it for a month and getting them to understand to eat more fruit if needing sweet things. Ive allowed icecream once a week and homemade milkshake and advising them its best for their heath.

Drink yourself silly with water. Have a special small plate that limits the amount of food you eat..

Remember..only you can make the change. Dont let YOUR thoughts take over..You can control it because you are stronger than you think. All the best.

Thank you. Lol I need someone like you sitting on my shoulder 24/7. I'm trying, I've started my diet again today so fingers crossed. Last time I lost the weight I wasn't in so much pain and was able to go to the gym and exercise at home, now I only really walk and do physio therapy at the hospital. Thank you for your reply x

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