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Having read lots on here , about weight, my problem

Is when I have a flare, I don't eat any thing it's a real

Effort, I just don't want it. Husband gets worried but

It's very hard to eat just wondered if any one else was

Like this.

I know that people have problems with medication and

Weight gain, but this is the other side, of course it might

Be cymbalta, but then why is it only when I have a flare

I am going through one of those at the moment that is

Why I ask

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Hi vivien60

I'm exactly the same not wanting to eat I thought it was a me thing, also I don't like the feel of most food in my mouth which then causes other probs in the various body departments.


Good I am glad I am not the only one, lots of things I liked

Buy now don't very strange, maybe it's the medication I don't


Thank you for your reply


Sorry I have just read the above and it was rubbish

I think I had a lot of meds yesterday made me loopy.

Or more loopy as I tend to be loopy

Hope every one feels better today


I am so glad i am not the only one aswell as i thought it was just me,i too only seem to be like it when am having a flare up which i am at the moment.Am back at docs monday will ak him if there is anything that can help,will let you know.

Gentle hugs and cuddles



I'm on pred and mtx and most days don't want to eat and when I do it sells or tastes awful - sometimes, half way through eating.

e.g. I cut a tasty red apple into 4.

I randomly ate 3.

the fourth tasted disgusting!

I find, at times, that I can only eat one thing for days [I do try] such as plain biscuits/ custard/ mash/ hulahoops!

other days I get so hungry I could eat for england!




I find my meds make foods and drinks taste different, does anyone else have this from time to time?!


Thank you all for your replies, I am going through a flare

After having a good two months, I thought that just maybe

It would go away, but no such luck, had to go sick today

I hate that as every ones jobs are a bit rockie even though

I work for the NHH I am not safe.

I just completely go off food I think if I lived by myself I would

Not bother at all it's only my husband nagging me that I eat

I don't know if it is part of a flare, or because I take more meds

I have a bar of chocolate in the fridge, just don't want it which

For me is very strange.

Thank you all love viv


I often get times when I am completely off my food. But for me there could be many reasons. When the fibro flares, which I hate as my fibro is chronic already, I tend to not eat. But in saying that I also have COPD & Emphysema, which causes weight loss, so I am told I need to increse my calories to account for that. I also have severe stomach problems which at times leave me living on smooth soups and plain yogurts once a day, so hence after a recent bout lasting over two months I lost over two stone. So I am sort of running around in circles with different things causing me not to eat. I also find I have sensory problems and smells of foods I used to love I can no longer stand so I cannot eat them. And then I have cravings for certain foods and I will ive on them for weeks at a time. But I hope you make some headway on your eating. xxxxx


Oh you poor thing fibro

Is bad enough, with out

The other things not to be able to breath is just the pits, and there me having a moan about fibro and not eating.

I hope you have lots

Of good days to come

And the winter will be

Kind to you

I will be thinking of you lots ozzygirl and I wish

I could give you a hug


I'm in the club to when I have a flai the very thought of food makes me feel sick my OH is very understanding he always asks what I want for tea as he has to cook it so if I don't feel up to eatting or feelling sik he know ont to cool for me he cooks cos he lks his foof on thr platr ont the floot . Beth


It's really good to know that some one else has the same problem

As I do with food, and that I,am not totally strange or alone thank

You all

Hugs viv


I find that with my swallowing not being as it was before Fibro, sometimes I don't feel like eating as it's too much hassle trying to swallow. This is a common problem with Fibromites and yet another problem which doesn't help if you're underweight etc. I am certainly not underweight (two stone overweight if anything) but we all need to eat and it's so frustrating sometimes. Two cups of tea usually loosens up my throat, sometimes it takes until the afternoon for my throat to feel relaxed enough for me to eat properly.


Thank you liberty, I do have the throat thing and often it's

Sore, you may be right maybe it's in my head.

And I just can't be bothered, I am not hungry I thought

It might be cymbalta, but it happens with a flare.


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