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Just to p**s my xmas off

Just got my esa medical form through the post no xmas card with it just an envelope huh.I have only passed one in three. So am not a happy santa. Just to let all the kind people know who wrote back on my blog last time. I took the advise of some of you and saw my gp espically with regard to my anxiety and he has perscribed something that hopefully will help. Thanks to all for caring

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fill that bit in and say you don't think they've taken account of all your conditions and how it affects you every day. [that's enough]

send it off and forget it until the new year.

then get the benefits & work info from admin, it helped me.





I have this to come but do as Sandra has said Send off the appeal and forget it and enjoy Christmas (as much as you can with the pain and the worry)

Seriously did you expect them to send you a Christmas card, that might have words like Enjoy, Merry, Happy and Seasons Greetings, all these words are probably alien to them. Apart from their colleagues who they have a good laugh with (at our expense).

I am not one to wish ill to anyone but I feel these people should walk a mile in our shoes (sorry I mean just 20 yards would be good so they could feel how we do and then they might have some compassion.

Sorry for ranting again

Kindest regards



i had medical and they cut my money to the lowest rate disability, and on wednesday had letter from council saying about council tax and 25 percent rent. what do they want from people, i go with out food 3 days a week now because time i pay water ,gas,electric, not much left. well i hope these people have a great xmas. but are we surprised but what is happening the goverment needs their champange and expensive foods ans cars and the council needs to have their parties and to claim their expensives. keep you,r chin up and have a great christmas. i say bull to all of the idiots in goverment. and don,t wish them good cheers. but to all my fellow suffers merry christmas and a happy new year.


I'm still waiting for that dreaded letter to drop through my door, like everyone else has said, you need to appeal. Sorry to hear that they've ruined your Christmas this way.



I am with everyone ! Appeal and stick inn that envelope get posted turned around hold your head up take a deep breath and empty your mind think of whats going to be done next year and have a cuppa xxx


Best wishes xxxx caroline


I agree with Sandra too.

Get the apoeal sent of ASAP & get yourself a Representative from either CAB or a Welfare Rights Officer to take up your apoeal & build you up a case for when it comes to Tribunal because you are appealing. It will take a lot of stress from you. These leople know what they are doing.

Gather up as much Medical info from your GP & all they hold on you. You are by law entitled to copies if everything held on record with regards to you.

Send off appeal & forget about it until New Year as it will take months to come for them to see you but as I say get as much medical evidence as possible.

Best wishes



I have been turned down twice now . It's now in speak to tribunal . Lost ny husband in January who helped me with all the things , like the shower , getting dressed , the pain . Have to do it all myself now it takes forever and I really struggle .what ekes do u have to do , I force myself to go to work through the Pain, falling and they still won't help . I'm on six lots of medication every day for life , and because I don't get DLA don't get help for anything . But if I stop work and go on benefits I'll get everything ABSOLUTE JOKE THIS COUNTRY SND GOVERMENT . X rant over x x


If you can work then i think they are unlikely to give you DLA just on the grounds that you can, which seems unfair. I know people who have been born with a disability and are now either being turned down for DLA or put onto a lower rate, same with ESA. I know of a 40 year old man who has never been well enough to work has been put in the work group. I have already said this somewhere else but, it took me a year to get put in the support group and 8 months to get high rate DLA and that was only after i refused to go to the medical on grounds of being too unwell and they having to send a Dr out to see me.

All i can say is don't give up the fight and good luck.


Hi all, I have had fibro for ten years now, and get the lower rate care. Just to cheer you up though, my husband has COPD and can hardly breathe, and now has developed Foot Drop, so he can hardly walk. This was on top of PTSD and severe depression. He was turned down for higher rate mobility!

When he got the refusal letter, we sent back an appeal, saying they had not taken account of his condition. They wrote to his doctor and with in two weeks was awarded high rate mobility.

Just putting this on to show you that it doesn't matter what your condition is, they say no automatically.

So appeal,and dont worry too much if you get turned down at first, it seems to be the norm these days.

Wishing everyone a happy Christmas.


i always 'passed' the esa thingy, i am retired now, thank god.


Like everyone says appeal. Like others i go without food I am sat in bed now as can't afford to have the heating on and so sick of being cold had a bill through yesterday for 2 months gas and electric £120 its ridiculous i don't understand how i could have used £70 in gas since moving into this one bed flat on the 27th October I usually pay monthly but it hasn't been taken over yet by my original provider not sure what they are playing at so now British gas are demanding the money by the 28th but i don't have two pennies to rub together so they will have to wait. I have demands coming in from every which way and just cannot deal with it. My housing is now paid monthly instead of fortnightly and it doesn't even cover thee rent as property rentals in Bournemouth are so expensive. I was overpaid money so that is being deducted from housing and benefit. Everything else is going up but peoples wages and benefits are staying the same how is anyone expected to manage. Guessing this is going to get worse next year with the PIP in some ways i am lucky as I receive highest rate mobility and middle care and incapacity but on the other hand i have had this illness for over 25 years now and missed being able to run around with my children when they were younger.


don't just miss your payment, ring them up and then send a letter to explain you are having financial difficulties, but would like to pay something.

They would much rather you tell them and can put procedures in place to help you.

they can set up an agreed smaller amount - they'd rather have some money coming in than none.

If you are on any kind of disability - blue badge; disabled bus pass [or over 65]; or funded adaptations, you can register for a discount of about £120 a year, but we have to ask for it.

have they estimated your bill? if so read your meters and call the readings in.

I don't know what area you are in, but if you go to your local council and search for "advocate for vulnerable adults" you should find contact details.

I got one and she helped me, she liaised with lots of different agencies, acting for me not the council/benefits agencies, it's all confidential.




I had so many medicals when it was Incapacity and was told every time I was not fit for work. They change the name of the benefit, bring in ATOS and I am cured, PRAISE THE LORD......NOT. Put your forms in hun and then try not to worry about it for now. Worry when you get the reply xxxxx


Just posted mine today. Wondering how long it takes for them to get back to me to see if I passed this rediculus new ESA. .....Not got the energy to worry about it. "MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL " FIBRO HUGS ((o)) xxx :-)


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