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Just feel like c**p😩

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Havent posted in awhile. I thought maybe i could ignore all my pains as my hubby and i moved. The last week my body is screaming and now i have sinus infection on top! Tired, cramping, veins in scalp throbbing, runny nose, eye pain, irritable. Throw Fibro and RA on top and well..you all understand. My point i dont want to take meds i just want to feel better. This is never gonna happen and im deeply sad..

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Sorry to hear that you are struggling so much at the moment. Moving will have taken a lot out of you; and of course there's all the work getting everything back into order.

All I can suggest is pacing what you need to do; rest as much as you can. I have an eye mask that you cool in the fridge ...I find that helps when I have sinus problems. Gentle hugs and how this flare settles down soon xxx

Thank you kindly..im in tears. Hugs back

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It's certainly not easy ... xxx

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Sorry you are having a naff day - it is so very hard. We are here for you take care

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This sounds gross but it actually tastes like spicy tomato soup and clears sinuses every time.

3/4 fill a mug with tomato juice.

Add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, half teaspoon of Tabasco sauce, a clove of garlic, crushed. You can also crush a small piece of ginger if you like it.

Add these to the tomato juice and heat through.

Drink 2 mugs of this a couple of hours apart.

You can slightly increase the Tabasco and garlic if you like.

Ok thank you!! Im on antibiotics atm but i get these sinus infections all the time so ill remember this!

i also get a lot of sinus problems mostly I find a vick nasal stick helpful . but sometimes you really have to see the doc doesn't help that lots of antibiotics cause gut problems if this is the case for you then taking a good probiotic for four to six weeks can make a huge difference. hope things improve for you soon.

How are you feeling now hun? πŸ’–πŸ’•

Going to doc in 2 days. I thought i was feeling better but this morning i was dizzy,nausea and my left side of head throbbing. It has subsided somewhat. At least its not a constant pressure. If that was the case i would want to pop off my head..ugh

Thanks for asking😊

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