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Hi everyone, just on my nightshift- cant wait for my next night off :-)

Hi all, im at work and was just catching up with some posts. Im in my 4th week of my new job doing 12hr shifts in a care home, the only thing is i used to work 2 9hr shifts in my last job but now i work 3 12 hr shifts; i didnt think it would make much difference but it really does! Im on my feet for most of my shift so crawl home and into bed in agony after each shift. Think i need a meds review because im taking so many tablets everyday but still in so much pain. Sorry for the moan. Havnt posted for a bit now but really enjoy reading everyones blogs, sending gentle hugs to everyone from tracey xxxx

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I don't know how you are able to do 12 hour shift's Keeleysnana. You must be exhausted, I am exhausted after cleaning the windows in my porch or tidying my bedroom.I hovered the stairs on Saturday and was worn out.So my heart goes out to you Tracey xx


That's 36 hours that's a full time job .... I am an expert in stating the obvious.... Hmm I don't think you needs a meds reveiw rather a job reveiw no wonder you can't cope with the pain after doing 12 hour shifts.... Pace ... Pace ... Pace... Obviously I don't know your circumstances so you may feel you need to work full time ... But you couldn't you get a part time job and get tax credits to top your money up... The last thing we want is for you to crash and burn out ... That takes so long to come back from ... Been there done it and am never doing it again...

Please if you can have a rethink about working 12 hour shifts ... Yes it's only three days a week but its going to take the next 4 to recover from them... One thing I have learnt over all the years with fibro its not quantity of life it's quality... My Gp told me that taking one med I take In emergencys could take 6 months off my life .. So I said to him ok I,ll live to 89 1/2 in comfort than 90 in constant pain.... ... He gives me the medication now without a word.....

VG x


Hi VG,

I totally agree with what you have said above. I'm wondering what the meds you can take in an emergency?

I have such bad pain by the end of my day even when not working. I've never known pain like it! I cry real tears, the strongest meds I've got is Zapain!


I have constant shoulder and neck spasms they are injected every 3 months at the local pain clinic but if I do too much they just spasm up again .. I am usually good at pacing but sometimes I overdo it and immediate spasm. So I take diazepam just one 2mg tablet 3 x a day usually two days and the spams gone ... But my GP says taking these every so often which to be honest isn't that often will shorten my lifespan by 6 months ... perhaps he is right perhaps he is just trying to scare me into not taking them but days of unrelenting spasm if I don't take them ... There is no contest ...

My OH is so cheery (not) he said .. That's a bit silly saying you could lose 6 months off you life.. You could get run over by a bus tomorrow.....

I think he meant to make me feel better :)


At first I thought you meant your GP said taking one pill once will take 6 months off your life!? However, on reflection that sounds like scaremongering. There are many drugs that affect our overall health such as RA drugs that can weaken the heart but I can't think which drug he is meaning in relation to Fibromyalgia what did he mean do you think? Makes sense to steer clear of prescription drugs as much as possible.


I totally agree with VG. I don't know how you cope, with not only physically going out to work, but in a physically demanding job with such long hours. I work from home, doing admin work and am constantly in pain and totally exhausted, so I really don't know how you can do it.


Been there done that. This forum helped me make a big decision about my life work balance recently so I hope we manage to help you too. I worked on the nurse bank at a hospital and very soon found I could not do 12 hour shifts so I reduced to 6 hour shifts and spread them out over the week. When i was amitriptyline I only did back shifts so didn't start until 2pm and got to have lovely long lie ins most days. VG is right you have to go for quality not quantity. Now I don't work at the hospital but as a community carer with a private care management agency. The money is much better and I get to work the hours and days I want to plus I can say no if I don't want to do something. I have to admit its boring in comparison to what I used to do and that does bother me but on balance I have the energy to have a life outside of work now unlike before when I had nothing else left to give and if I did the laundry on my day off that was all I could manage. I strongly suggest you look up some private agencies in your area, they don't all just care for the elderly some send staff into care homes too. Good luck.


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