Have had a really bad week

Morning all

I have had an extremely hard week with depression severe anxiety & panic attacks.

I have'nt been able to leave home since Tuesday.

I have thought to myself I can handle the pain Fibro throws at me but cannot handle my Mental Health. Does anyone else feel like this?

I had such an over whelming tiredness come over me last night & would say I was tucked up in bed & asleep by 8pm. Unfortunately I was awoken at 11.54 pm with awful pains from the soles of my feet shooting up my legs. I hobbled to the kitchen & took a Pregabalin & 2 x Co-Codamol. I feel like I may aswell have taken smarties.

I am in bed with my legs elevated on 2 pillows but the pain in my calfs & shins is unbearable.

Does anyone else suffer this & if so what do they think helps them best.

Best wishes


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  • Hi Jackie

    Sorry to hear you're having such a difficult time right now. The pain sounds awful. Are you able to try heat on your legs - warm bath, wheat bags, heat rub, hot water bottle? And gentle rubbing from knee DOWN to ankle?

    I hope you get some relief (and sleep!) soon



  • Hi Kaz

    Yes I have used Voltarol heat rub, tens machine & now a water bottle under them with them elevated.

    I've been having terrible night sweats to. So I am lying here with the window open too. Hoping I will doze off. Unfortunately I dont have a bath I just have a shower unit.

    When I go to Mums today I think I will have a bath there to see if it helps. She has one of those ones with pressure jets, a bit like a jaccuzi. I find it good for my back. Only problem is I need her to help me out of it.

    Thank you for your reply.

    Best wishes


  • Hi sorry you are having a bad time, fortunately you are in good company as many of us on here are having flares infections and generally feeling low. Mentally yeah I can relate to that, have indeed had my moments ... Well actually a few years fighting severe depression, I did start having mild leg cramps a few months ago , they souns nowhere near as severe as yours , but mine have gone since I started eating a banana a day .. I am now heartily sick of them... I look at them as a med, but they did work for me, the jacuzzi bath is a wonderful thing go for it I am sure your mum won't mind hauling you out of it. I can use mine again now my OH is fit to lift its a great help

    Good luck with your soak today

    VG x

  • Thank you VG. I am so glad you have replied to me & I hope we can put the past behind us. A banana? I've never heard that one. I do love bananas so I will give it a go. When I first started on the Pregabilin it seemed to take the keg pain away but it has'nt lasted.

    I hope you get rid of your infection soon. My brother is paralysed from neck down & he is prone to Urinary infections. He has to drink lots every day & was told a little dash of lemon in his water is good for it. Its worth a try.

    Take care & have a relaxing Sunday.

    Best wishes

    Jackie xx

  • Oh a dash of lemon apart from my morning coffee I drink water the rest of the day, a dash of lemon sounds good

    thanks VG x

  • Also might help with the b movement if you take it in hot water lol.

    Jackie xx

  • Justjac I can totally empathise. With your week mine has been awful too. Getting through each day has been a major achievement. Are you on any meds for your anxiety and panic? I'm seeing my doc in the morning,I've been trying propranolol but its not helping sadly. I also. Do relaxation and meditation when it's really bad and that gives me a bit of a break from it. I really do understand how your feeling.xx

  • Hello JJ, I sympathise with the sensations and pains in your legs, I get that all the time. I have RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) as well as Fibro and CFS/ME. It can be torturous at times.

    The best way I find to deal with this is to make myself a hot drink, put my heated overblanket on (works so much better than an under heated blanket), take my painkillers and it slowly eases with the warmth. It can take a few hours but it does ease.

    Hope you feel better soon JJ. (((hug))) xxx


  • Thank you Libs

    I think maybe I will invest in an over blanket as my feet & hands are always cold too.

    Jackie xx

  • It's worth trying, I got mine quite reasonably from Amazon, it's one of the best buys I've ever made, cheap to use and soooooooooooo warm! :) xxx

  • I will definately purchase one after Christmas. I am at the moment having a major hot flush while readin in bed & the quilt has been moved to the other side of the bed. I went up to Mums & left my heating on all day & I dont know if its just me but I think its very mild tonight.

    Sleep well.

    Jackie xx

  • I think you're right JJ, some nights have been what I call a bit "claggy", almost like Summer nights. I have actually switched my over blanket off a couple of times lately. It cools down quite well too, so that's another good thing about it too.

    Hope you manage to buy one after Christmas, I think you will like it! :) You take care xxx :)

  • Hi Teddys Mum

    Yes I am on a very high dose of Venlafaxine. Was on 375mg but managed to get down to 30)mg. I had to be seen by Physciatrist who changed me from Prozac to this. Its a good drug but has side effects & withdrawal is a nightmare even under supervision. I feel I may end up back on 375mg but as I say I had to be seen by a Physciatrist. I was vefy bad at the time. However I feel I am slipping again. Goin to see GP in the morning. I do need help & I have used all my coping mechanisms to no avail.

    I just read 9 sleeps till Christmas & not a thing bought. I have the money so its not a problem. I just have too much going on in my mind & I cant control it nor do I want to go out the doir. Forcing myself to Mums for dinner today but she will pick me up. I dont even feel I have the confidence to drive at the moment either. I'm hoping that going to Mums, Docs & getting this Tribunal over on Tuesday will help me.

    I find depression & severe anxiety really debillitating & no-one understands unless they've been through it.

    I was on Propanalol many years ago & thought it was pants. It did'nt help me but everyone is different.

    Go back & see your GP & be totally honest with them. Maybe a course of therapy with a Community Mental Practioner Nurse may help you. They are good. I find when I am in a bad state of anxiety it can be hard to do what you have learnt on how to cope. I've also went privately for CBT which was no good to me. Maybe I need sectioned lol. I should'nt laugh.

    Do go to you GP.

    Good luck & let me know how you get on.

    Best wisges

    Jackie xx

  • Sounds like you are having an awful week, having one of those myself. I was mid flare when my daughter was rushed into hospital last Saturday and also in COPD flare so was feeling pretty ill. But after all the running around for a week the fatigue has set in and hubby has given me his sore throat and bad chest. So it goes on. But I really do hope things pick up for you soon. As for my legs they are always going into spasm, so ruddy painful. I was on Quinine but then the neuro decided they did not want to advocate the use of them. So I am back where I started. As one muscle spasms and i try to rub it the next one does it so I cannot win. Hugs for you hun xxxxx

  • Aww Ozzygirl what a terrible time of it. I hope your daughter is on the mend. You'd take their pain for them if you could.

    I hope you manage to get some rest. Try eating a banana as VG said they are supposed to be good for sore legs. I bought some this evening & will have it soon.

    I was on Quinine a while back but they did'nt agree with me.

    Take care hun & I will let everyone know how I get on.

    Thank you for taking the time to think of me.

    Best wishes

    Jackie xx

  • I cannot buy bananas lol. If I buy them I eat them all in one sitting! Not good for the IBS lol. So I had to stop buying them altogether. But I am going to get some soda water when I next go out as it contains a small amount of Quinine, not enough for it to be banned or anything like that and it has helped in the past so going to give it a go. xxxxx

  • Soda water is supposed to be good for settling your tummy accotding to my Mum??


  • And now I am in a quandry as it may be tonic water, not sure now, will have to check it out xxxxx

  • Dear Jusjac,

    I used to use a cream on prescription called Capasacin which is used for pain relief and I personally found it good for pain relief in my legs. I cannot use at the moment as I am worried it may get near our 10 month baby girl. It is made from Capasicum pepper like police spray ! so if by accident it gets near your eyes, it stings lots!

    Capasacin cream is known to reduce Substance P , a substance which is excitable when you feel pain. Research has shown that people with Fibromyalgia have 3 times the amount of Substance P than healthy people do. I found it very beneficial and thought I would mention it out of interest. Link below


    I hope you find some relief and I wish you well.


  • Thank you Emma I will try to get some of this.

    Best wishes


  • No worries, Let us know if you get relief from it too

    Take Care


  • Thank you Emna I will butvit will pribably be tomorrow or Wd before I get it.

    Jackie xx

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