ive just lost 4 days of my life!!!!!!!!!

hi all,

just wondered if any of you lovely people have lost days?

its like a switch flicked inside me on monday evening send pain everywhere, headache, backache with pains shooting down my arms & legs, i have just slept off & on since monday

bit zombiefied really! this does happen to me often its like my body has decided to shut down! but usually only for a day or 2, but im still in bed in pain, but do feel better

does this happen to anyone else out there please???

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  • Yes this is quite common, certainly for me. I can have a migraine over the weekend, this makes my Fibro symptoms go through the roof and before I know it, it's Thursday! Two days walking around in a fog in and out of bed afterwards, then a day pottering about and bingo the week is over!

    I am sure this is very common with other Fibro sufferers. We have so many conflicting symptoms and other conditions, it all gets a bit mind boggling sometimes doesn't it.

    I am pleased you feel a bit better, make sure you get enough rest and I hope you feel much better really soon, take care. :)

  • aww thank you libby xx <3

  • Bless you Elsiegirl! There aren't many symptoms that can't be related to in our forum! I have lost so many days over the last four years, I am sure if I added them all up it would be months lol! Take care! :)

  • I did exactly the same last wk, I lost 2 days, I was in and out of a 'coma' like state in bed. Hugs. Hilly xx

  • Oh poor you Hilly, I can so relate to that too! I hope you manage to have a comfortable weekend, take care. :)

  • thanks for adding a comment hilly & you libbyde

    yes ive lost 2 days quite alot but this time it was 4.5 days!!

    the thing is i havent been diagnosed with fb ive been diagnosed with chronic pain syndrome

    which seems to be the same thing, do you both agree? xx

  • It also happens to me, with having fibro, me & cfs i think they get together & decide to hit the " switch" and i end up 3-4 days later wondering where the days went.

    I will need to get a timmer built into my body...don't like power cuts lol..

    Hope you are feeling better, take care, Mary x.

  • Yes Ioose days, sometime weeks especially in the winter.....it is very frustrating.....it's like wasted time and life for me, and life is to short to waste, so I make the most of ok days...as I haven't had a good day for years now....I lost 2 days this week, which is about average for me. I hope you are feeling better soon

  • I find your replys to Elsiegirl so comforting I thought I was the only one who lost days .. I often wondered if I overreacted to how I was feeling .. Now I know it is ok .. Thanks folks

  • Hi I'm Barbara, a sufferer for 18 years. Although I'm 8 years past the menopause, I still get pms and my fibro and CFS is always worse at the end of the month when I would be coming up to a period. Therefore I wonder if our hormones affect the FM. Yes I've lost several days at a time, when the normal meds dont seem as effective and the brain fog wont go away and the pain is worse.

  • hi im new to the site, but ive had fibro and M.E for ten years. I too have lost many days, i get so excited when i get a better day, as i don't get them very often.

    Here i am writing at 4am, yet another one of my fibro symptoms, insomnia. I'll be like a zombie when its daylight.. But yes, back to the subject, i lose many days to fibro pain and fog, there aint a time i can remember seeing out a full week without the fibro kicking in..

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