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Really bad today

Yesterday afternoon started with niggling legs. Bed time bad pain. Took all my drugs and though id take an extra ammitriptalyn. They only 10mg but I thought I'd sleep better and not feel my legs. Didn't work. Today painful legs, loss of balance no appetite, very tired. Very down and depressed. Keep wanting to back is killing me. How do you cope. Sometimes I wonder why we live like it. What's the point. Can't really do anything. All I can think about is this is it for the rest of my life. I'm not as strong as the rest of you. I feel I have had enough.

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I am so so sorry you are feeling the way you are right now Mistee71 I am sure we all understand what you are struggling with. It sounds like you may be going through a fibro flare up {{hugs}} When did you last speak with your doctor about your pain and other problems?

Continues pain can really drag us down at times we are only human and we all have a level we can tolerate. It sounds like you may have reached yours.

I think your wonderful and a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for. Not many people could cope with the pain you do that's for sure.

Could you make an appointment in the morning to go and see your GP? You may need your medications upping or changing to help you a little better. Only your doctor can do this so please I hope you will go and see your GP soon.

We are always here to support you the best we can but we are not doctors and i do think you need to see yours if you can. Please keep in touch and I really hope when you wake your pain may have subsided xx


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Oh Mo, I am really struggling. Bad thoughts. The only thing stopping me is the thought of my husband coming home. My Drs just fob me off. The only one who took notice was the neurologist. It was his specialty. For years I was lead to believe it was MS. Please forgive me. I really needed to talk to someone. Thank you for your patients with me. X

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Awww {{{HUGS}}} What is giving you the most trouble at the moment if i may ask ? Is it your physical or mental health problems? When did you last go and talk with your GP ? Have spoke with the Samaritans this may be an option. Do you have any kind of support at all ? xx


Hi there Mistee71 If you would like to try giving the Samaritans a call here is the link that will help you xx


Constant pain is so wearing on the soul. Fibro really is a miserable, gutless illness. I imagine it as some ugly, stinking gremlin like creature and how I'd drop kick it from a high window ( if I only had the energy and my foot didn't hurt so much)

Have you tried soaking in a bath, with some Epsom salts if you have them ? Hot water bottles around your legs might help. I massage in magnesium oil, or if none of that any body lotion / cream I have in the house. I don't know if compression socks will help but might be worth a try.

As Dizzytwo says, you're stronger than you think, you've come this far. Don't let that evil fibro gremlin beat you.


Morning Hun,

I'm so sorry that you are having such a hard time at the moment. I hope that you are getting support from the people around you to help you get through this ❤

I would advise that you speak to your GP regarding this, as it is maybe time to adjust your medication as it doesn't seem to be working; if you feel like you aren't getting taken seriously you could also try 111 who might be able to help in the short term!!

Believe me sweetie, you are stronger than you feel, sometimes the pain can put you in a dark place but once that happens you have to just try and stay positive and reach out for help to people!


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