Any one suffer from poor vision when they are tired

I am having one of those days my eyes dont want to play the image keeps going double or indeed I seem to drop of to sleep while looking at the page. I know it is tirdness as my optician has already put a prisim over one eye to help correct an imbalance so here I am squiffy keep having to read stuff and all because of no sleep again. Long night me tired as usual still dont want to waste day so coffee and a good wash basically a pick me up see if that is any better/ I hope you are all OK xxgins

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  • ooh yes! I have strange shadow floaters which mess up my vision I'm constantly seeing things which aren't there LOL Plus I just drop asleep without any notice LOL


  • Always... my right gets blurry and dark when I'm tired.. and during a flare-up, my sight is much worse than usual

  • Me too, I've seen an eye specialist because of blurred vision and I get bad floaters but they said it was nothing to worry about :-)

  • Hi Gins.

    I've noticed I get strange floaters and sometimes a "sight sensation" like the beginning of a migraine but without actual sight disturbance? When I worked I had to read lots of paperwork and documents on screen and regularly nodded off doing so, which upset some supervisors somehow, can't understand why...

    Hope you feel better after the coffee.

    Is x

  • Oh my goodness - you are on the wars :-(

    Hope you feel better soon :-)

  • Well guys it is a pain isnt it but hey it is how the dice have fallen so tonight I shall just get on withit as we all do!

    Keep on slogging away my friends xgins

  • Yes gins i get very wet sore eyes just before the figgy fog sets in ..... then i cant see anything and my head lets me forget everything so guess happy :) don't remember the bad then :P

  • I get very blurry vision when I am tired. Hope you get some decent sleep soon gins.

  • Hope you get better soon gins gentle hugs.....Dee x

  • I tend to be getting worse with my vision but I have dry eyes a lot and when I'm tired they get very itchy

  • Yes all the time. Floaters in vision, extra "auras" around things and double vision. I usually get it by mid day if I have been trying to function like a normal person in any way.

  • Yep me too! Loads of floaters all the time (not to worry about They say) and dry sore eyes in ratio to tiredness level. Sometimes brain sees stuff but can't make sense of it... also get vision disturbance and sometimes 'sparkles' (BP tested but always ok)

    Interesting how amny of us are affected... Keep on rocking guys! xx

  • yeah I have problems with my eyes they are hurting and it feels like there is something in them but had them check by the docs and there is nothing wrong with them

  • I do to and when very tired the left one which is my best one the lid swells up and goes all blurred which doesn't help as I then can't see as right eye I am nearly blind in now have had stigma all my life in that one.

  • Hi all

    Yep I got floaters in my left eye now. I am at work and my energy has all but gone. I paid £800 for new glasses in April this year, they have helped a little but double vision is now part of my life...

  • Have you been to see about the double vision .I had that years ago and I had an over active Thyroid which caused Graves disease .double vision but an over active Thyroid can cause heart trouble.

    I have to say I developed an under active thyroid a year later which a lot of people with Fibro have

  • Yes I get black floaters which can be a sign of anaemia for which my blood tests always come back "borderline" and white flashes out of the corner of my eyes which were tested at the hospital & they told me because of my age (an ancient 51) the vitreous jelly (can't remember the technical term) was slowly coming away at the back of my eyes and would get worse although nothing to worry about at the moment but no more roller coasters or bungee jumping as I could go blind. Damn & I was going to offer to do a sponsored bungee jump for Fibro charity! I'll have to think of something else. Oh & does anyone else find that there eyes take a long time to focus in the morning, mine take ages.

  • I get poor vision when Ive been reading a short time sowing, going on the computer, or anything to do with stairing at things , Ive been trying to paint my bedroom door and even that is a problem, Dont know why? I got new glasses last year, I got them early to help me ,with the problem ! but it hassnt helped.

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