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Cronic pain and learning to live with it for better or for worse

I isisted the specialist at 9am yesterday, a charming attentive man, however, the discussion came around to pain and pain killers. What I had been aware of for some time was brought up -we have to learn how to utilise the pain killers to our bedt advantage. They will never completely take the pain away - we would be unconsious if they did. So we have to accept that our pain is up to us to manage. Find a pain killer that works for you and reduces the symptoms for me it is oxycontin up to 120mg a dose. When I take this dose I am sleepy my brain is further filled with fog. all in all pretty useless. The answer is to reduce to 80mg at night 60mg in day when it is bad try and relax till it smoothes away a bit. I know he is right I fight my pain and the fight brings further concentration on it there by increasing the magnitude.

Terrible but we have to accept it may not go away but we can controll it be the boss!

When it is bad dose your self up relax put your feet up.

It made sence to me very useful hope some of you will understand my blather , the only thing that came out of the meeting was a referral to orthopedics which should have happened 6 months ago gggrrrrr! I was in and out in 10 mins and back into the icey winter wonderland that is dumfriess and galloway

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Hi Gins

I think you're right - the more attention we pay to the pain, the more important it becomes! Finding the balance between doped to the eyeballs, and screaming agony isn't easy though. Good luck with the orthopaedics - hope you don't have to wait too much longer.




thanks Kaz,

It is hard isnt swings and round abouts.....

dopey gins


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