It's like a bad dream

It's like a bad dream

First thing I feel every morning is PAIN...pain..pain..pain...

but I still HOPE that one morning I'll wake up and that the pain will be gone...

it seams like yesterday when I was healthy, full of energy and enthusiasm and I just can't believe that is gone forever..:( I can't and I won't accept this PAIN as a permanent condition in my life and I'll fight it with every atom of my body and mind...It's like a bad dream and I have to wake up.

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  • I feel the same too, I walked passed a fairground a couple if weeks ago, any other time I would of jumped on the waltzers,but no more!!!! It hit me then that things have changed, our bodies have become very delicate, got an exercise bike coming tomorrow ,hopefully build strength up ,loose weight and feel physically a lot better, fibro lives with me, I don't live with it, that's what I say, I love your attitude keep it up, but sorry about the pain Hun

    Hugs nicki xxxxxx

  • Thank you...I am still not sure about exercising because if I do it today I hurt twice as much tomorrow but good luck with exercise bike ...I really hope it helps you :) xoxox

  • My consultant said build it up and not go mad cos of pain, so it'll be a long ole process, and I figure I can do it in my own home so don't make a tit out of myself in public:-) its gona be tough tho with the pain for sure but day at a time, but this is me being positive and pro active, be on here in a couple of days saying I can't walk!!!!:-)

    Regards nicki xxxx

  • Hello sadeyes, Yes, I think a lot of us here will know just what you are experiencing. It is horrid to wake up every morning and experience pain. However, as you say yourself it is a battle and we need to stay positive in order to win the fight. While it is OK to grieve for the life that we used to have (I had a wonderful career which I think has now come to an end because of my illness) but we also have to look towards the future too. I try to get the most out of the times during the day when I feel well enough to venture out into the garden. And yes, I really do take the time to smell the roses (and rid them of a few greenfly!). I also now have the time to read fluffy novels that I never did before, watch plays and films on TV and DVD and I get to talk to fellow sufferers online who really can relate to my troubles. The little things in life are now more important as my life evolves to cope with my illness.

    Good luck with your own battle. Stay strong and be as positive as you can. All best wishes, Jane x

  • Thank you and all the best wishes to you too xoxo

  • I do feel for you Sadeyes and Homer too! I think the same, where did I go?! I used to be a do-er, doing this and that and everything else! Now I am a full time watcher/spectator itching to do the active things I did before.

    I am determined once we move house next Friday that I will concentrate on trying to be more active. I want to get cycling again and swimming. That's my target!

    I hope your pain eases, do you think you should see your GP to see if your meds need changing Sadeyes? I hope you feel better soon, here's a hug (((x)))

  • Thank you and good luck reaching your target :)

    P.S. I have an appointment scheduled the end of month so I'll see what GP says

  • Please let us know how you get on Sadeyes, we care about you and want to keep up with how you are getting along, take care and we are here for you! (((x)))

  • Would'nt it be wonderful to wake up and think, "what shall I do or where shall I go today" instead of reaching for the painkillers or the muscle rub :-) When I hear of people winning the lottery I think, give me back my pain free life and you could keep all your millions, Health is wealth.

  • I think I'm still the same stage as sad eyes - I think I'm going to wake up & feel better. The contrast to my life has been very dislocating - hard to express, but seeing all the things that I used to do & enjoy still makes me very sad. it,s been nearly 16 months now - just turned 46 single and a life of pain to look forward to.

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