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Painful Back

I am really getting to the end of my tether. I am sick to death of back and shoulder pain. If I do anything that involves stooping or standing for a long time the pain is excruciating.

I have recently started selling jewellery at craft fares and I am now finding that just displaying it and putting it away gives me so much pain I may have to give them up. I did one today and I could have cried the pain was so bad. I take co codomol and ibropruphen with Pregabalin at night but nothing seems to touch it.

I have made an appointment to go to the doctors on Monday but I was wondering if you have the same problems or could offer any advice.

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Hi glochessus

So sorry to hear of your pain and I can totally sympathise as I know just what you mean, I take take tramadol as well as co-codamol and ibruphen and gabapentin and unfortunately these like you do not seem to help much. Good luck with your doctor as you are trying to make a living and to cope with the pain and it seems so unfair that these things come along to try to stop you.

Kindest regards



Sorry to hear you are in so much pain.

The jewellery sounds interesting - do you make it yourself?

Good luck with getting your pain relief sorted out, I hope you will be able to carry on with your craft fairs.


I so sympathise with you.I am in total melt down. I am suffering horrendous stabbing pains mainly in my left shoulder feet and right side burning headaches.Doctor put my in meds that are making ne fall asleep at every oppertunity. I've had enough.I've had to go on sick as I work in marketing and can't function because if pain. Esa say I'm fit to work even though I gave the accessor a sick line for a month. He didn't give it to the decision makers. What are we supposed to do curl up and die.


My heartfelt sympathy I used to run a wonderful shop and the only thing that kept me going was a massage and reflexology and laterly acupuncture as well. It does help well it did help me ! Trouble is all that standing and half bending try a seat as often as you can :) xgins


Possibly a bar stool - a high one - might be better as instead of sitting you could lean on it occasionally rather than sit.


Hi, when my shoulder was really bad my gp suggested a cortisone injection into the shoulder joint, she explained that it would be painful when done but should provide relief.

I had previously had these injections into my hips and though painful they really helped.

I had the one in my shoulder, it wasn't as painful as I thought it would be, I had this last summer and even though I do occasionally have some pain in it I can now bare it.

So it may be worth a try as I understand how miserable it can be.

Gentle hugs xxxx


I am the exact same,in constant agony. Thank goodness for the support on this site, at least the people on here know what the pain is like. I find reassuring that I am not alone and theres always someone on here to talk to.. best wishes xx


I get a lot of pain in my back if I bend over. I find it very hard to do simple things even like getting the washing out of the washing machine and into the tumble dryer. I haven't found a solution yet, sorry.


So sorry to hear you're in so much pain. The best thing to do is to wait until you see your GP and then they can advise you, adjust your pain relief maybe. In the mean time, take it easy, take your meds in the recommended doses, keep warm etc.

I hope it goes well for you on Monday!

(((hug))) xxx



Thank you all for your replies, I do appreciate it.



Sorry to hear that you are in so much pain, I know exactly what you mean. My pain is in my back, neck and shoulder and since doing just about anything involves your back and arms it constantly hurts. I'm taking Gabapentin (2700mg/day), Tramadol (100mg morning and night - they are the slow release ones) & breakthrough tablets for in between (50mg x 4) and Amitriptyline (70mg at night).

I also use the TENS machine, which seems to be helping, it takes the edge off it. Baths are great too and I use a muscle relaxant for in the bath so it is extra relaxing.

Hope this helps :)

C x


I sympathise with you, I have a misaligned pelvis & CANNOT stand in the same

position for more than a few minutes or I can't walk & in severe pain. So I make a point of not doing it, I sit down everywhere & anywhere. I run a cake business so I can get very

busy, but I have a stool I use which really helps. I lay down for an hour if pain is really bad, pain management taught me that! I also use cura heat heat pads, they work wonders! Don't give up on your jewellery, find a way around it.

Good luck & take care

Debs xx


i have had a lot of shoulder pain recently -plus pain in my head, neck arms and gp didnt suggest physio but rheumatologist did. undecided whether to go or not btu made an appt for january to see if it does help but I find using heat pads on joints etc helps


I so sympathize with you, don't know if you read my other post but i've had pain in my left side and down my arm for a while Dr did do an ECG as I was worried it was my heart, that was ok I went for an x ray on Thursday on my shoulder and neck so have to wait for the results now, i'm ok if I sit still with a heating pad on my shoulder but as soon as I move about it's off again, sometimes I don't know what to do with myself, if it does'nt get better going to ask if I can have a pain injection. Good luck with the GP


I've been suffering for 6 yrs now.... Degenerating lower L-4 & L-5 discs, spinal lumbar stenosis. Can't bend, sit or stand for more than 10 mins. Told its inoperable. Walking every day helps. Keep those muscles strong. Back brace keeps back straight & reminds me not to bend. Hot rice-pack gives great moist- heat relief. Laying on side with legs straight and a pillow in between knees... Good for sleeping. But none of this would completely do the job without Oxycodone 15 ml when excruciating pain hits, and methadone 10 ml as time- release med to keep in system. Hate the pills, but hate the debilitating pain more. Lots of Robin McKenzie except ides for lower back do work wonders in physical therapy.. Hope you can find a compassionate Dr who's not so paranoid of the new laws. This pain has no warning. No set pattern. No predictability.. Hate the pills, like I said butt I'm 61 and not gonna live my last yrs in this kind of pain. Addiction or agony??


......that was meant to say Robin McKensey EXERCISES.....


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