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Like you I have dreadful pain at the moment ,tried to stand it for a few days but as I'm in a res home where the carers are wonderful was advise to see a Dr. Told it was sacro iliac pain I had thought so but this I one of the worst I have had Hip seems to be involved can hardly walk. Told to rub in anti inflammatory gel can't take the tablets, allergic to them, pain does not lessen with painkillers . Wondered if the vertebrae at bottom of spine have slipped or something. Any one any ideas .? Leg seems swollen to add to my woes. Soft hugs to allx

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  • Any unusual swelling should be investigated, from my own experience, I'm not a medic xx

  • Thank you so much for your reply. I think I should get another opinion.As usual it is great to have people who have taken an interest in my problem unlike the Dr who if I spoke to him for four minutes that was it. I won't say anything about my age but believe me I am not in the first flush of youth, but am not stupid either .Many thanks, and every best wish.xx

  • Please have that swelling checked out my a doctor that could be very serious! Especially if it is causing feet to swell . I am going through something very similar at the moment . All I can offer is an ear to listen and a soft hug. My only advice is to see a doctor it's not much help but I have as you could see from my rant is I blew another disc and the pain and swelling sounds similar. I had to go to see my Gp and neurologist and waiting to see rheumy. Take care my friend and rest as much as you can.

  • So very touched by your kindness. I will certainly get it checked out again. We are all very good at dealing with pain but this really has been very a nasty bout to deal with. Unfortunately the Dr was a stand in for my regular G.P. Not to worry, I will see him when he returns. Thank you again.look after yourself my dear friend,this site is such a comfort,it is lovely to get such kind messages,and know that I can contact you when I feel I need some one to talk that understands. Please feel that I am here if I can reciprocate in any way.Soft hugs and every best wish xx

  • Hi manxlady,

    I would make an appointment to see a Chiropractor. I started seeing one 1 1/2 years ago and she is brilliant. She has picked up on so many things and then I go and tell my GP. I would certainly recommend one. Hope that this helps you.

    Soft and gentle hugs,

    Elizabeth :) xxx

  • Thank you so much for your kind message. We do have a good Chiropractor and I have often wondered about seeing her now I have made up my mind to defiantly see her . Everyone is so kind to take the time to reply to my queries.I will let you know how how things go if I may. They have a saying on the island which is translated as tomorrow will do, so it might take a little time. In the meantime soft and careful hugs many thanks.xx

  • Sorry to read your post and that you are in so much pain we can all emphathise with you there. The others have given you excellent advice so I won't add anything but hope that you can get some relief from the pain soon. Soft gentle hugs coming your way across the water.x

  • Honestly rose wine my iPad is being a fiend.I started a message to you to apologise for not answering your kind message before and guess what off it went into the ether. So as this pad of my can't be trusted today I will not try you or it anymore. Pain seems to be mainly settling but will get it checked out as soon as poss.I am so sorry this is so scrappy a note but your kindness is very much appreciated and it wonderful to belong to such wonderful group of people who offer such support and kindness Take care all good wishes and gentle hugs sent across the waves to youxx

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read of your pain and suffering and I agree totally with the others as your swelling should be checked out just to have other conditions ruled out of the equation.

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks so very much for kind message I will take all the advice I have been given from all you wonderful people and will see my own doctor when he returns .every good wish to you.

  • I have swelling in my hip and legs/feet made worse when the weather is warmer. I do have a crumbling spine and blocked nerves though nothing that they want to operate on until I am bedbound. Sacro illiac pain is just describing where the pain is. It is not a diagnosis of what is causing the pain. I have sciatica (as does my mother) but they are from different causes. I only say this to show we can have the same pain but for different reasons.

    You do really need some further investigation, a plain xray will only show more severe deterioration so try and get an mri. Though the wait for this can be several months.

    Problem also is that fibromyalgia can manifest as back pain and the pressure points are exactly where your pain would be starting from. As the pain follows the nerves, it can, in some cases go all the way down to the feet.

    If anyone starts with bilateral leg or ankle swelling with no obvious reasons then it should be checked reasonably soon as this can in some cases be caused by heart problems ( does not mean a heart attack)

    Hope the pain becomes sorted to a manageable level

  • Hi, you sound a little like me.

    My feet and ankles are puffy, just told to raise feet!

    But my FM diagnosis started with hip pain. But knowing where my thigh bone meets my hip it didn't make sense to me. My Dr thought bursitis and tried a steroid injection. Didn't make any difference. I gave him a head to toe list of aches and pains and he said it was very helpful. I had many tests and finally was told I had FM.

    I find anti inflammatory meds make no difference to my hips, but help when my lower back screams at me. As the pain travels down a leg, sometimes both, he diagnosed sciatica. I'm on Arcoxia for that. I have found that my TENs machine helps because it relieves the reacting muscles, making them release from the cramp they go into. I have now also found meditation helps with this too.

    I have also learned not to sit in one position too long, to pace myself, literally reducing my stride and speed, sometimes standing still until the pain eases.

    I'm on Lyrica, Amitriptyline, Tegretol and Co-Dydramol, Arcoxia when I need it.

    I have also found Fibromyalgia for Dummies extremely useful, especially when talking to the uninitiated! Including Drs!

    I wish you well and send you soft hugs

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