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Painful Toes

Does anyone else get this? Some days my toes are so painful on the bottom that I can hardly walk. Today it was just one toe, my little right toe! You wouldn't think such a small thing could cause so much pain but I was hobbling, it was as if I had electric shocks going through it. Then it goes as quickly as it came but I've no idea why some days they are so painful.

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I do !


This is quite common with Fibro Kirby, I get this too! A little toe might be small, but my goodness when it hurts we know about it don't we! Ouchie!

The electric shock type pains you describe are also all part of the joys of Fibro. Some days we won't feel these type of pains at all and then without warning we are hit with them again when we least expect it! I actually had a good day today and then wham, the minute I sat in my chair it started - worked it's way with red hot shooting pains through my toes, past my ankles and up my legs, absolutely horrendous!

I do feel for you Kirby, this is an awful part of our Fibro - I wonder have you mentioned these symptoms to your GP lately, you might be able to get treatment for it. I take Methocarbamol, 2 x 750mg tablets and within one hour my pains have gone. I was prescribed this med by my Rheumatologist and frankly they've been brilliant. I don't take them all the time, only when I really can't handle it with the red hot shooting electric shock type pains.

I hope this info helps - if you need any further info or anything else, please feel free to pm me at any time. Always a pleasure to hear from you. Hope you feel better soon, here's a hug (((hug))) xx


Ah thanks, Libs. That's very helpful and kind! That's what i love about this site, someone always knows how you're feeling!

Thanks for your reply, too, Sandra!



My pleasure Kirby, happy to help where I can, any time! :) xx


Hi Kirby

I also got this pain between my toes it was like an electric shock that went through the foot and made me limp or I couldn't put my foot down, my GP sent me for a scan and I was told that I had Bursitis in my toes, I then was referred to a clinic that made me some insoles for my shoes, to cushion the toes and since then the pain has gone however having fibro I also take a large amount of pain meds so it could be that they are masking the bursitis pain. It would be worth it to ask your docror to send you for a scan.


Thanks fibrodave - you've just also reminded me that when I was diagnosed with fibro the rheumo told me I had flat feet and needed arch supports, but I wouldn't find that at all comfortable for walking! I also remembered that I've got some fleecy insoles and was going to insert those to cushion the pain, so thanks for reminding me. If it continues I will mention it to my GP but so far it just seems to come and go.


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