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Have lost my way again

Hi all,not having a good day. Does anyone find this cold weather makes them more anxious? I'm so frightened of it. I have to get my kids to school and I also I have to walk my dogs,I wrap up really well but. I still get so anxious which is the worst part of my fibro at the mo. I've been to see my counsellor this morning and I was really really low. I'm going to try and focus on the things I can do and see if it helps with the anxiety,I always seem to be focused on everything that is wrong in my life. I do have two lovely kids and four gorgeous dogs. I've decided to hold off with slimming world until after Xmas,seems a silly time to start now,I'm going to be mindfull of what I'm eating so I don't put on a stone over Xmas. I'm really despondent at how quickly the weight can go back on. I went through loads to loose it making myself very depressed in the process. I just couldn't recognise at how well I was doing. I find it so difficult to give myself a break. That worries me a huge amount. What if I can never get my anxiety to a workable level? The thought of staying like this for the rest of my life really scares me.

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I get anxious about loads of things but snow and ice are the worst. I'm terrified of driving in it, I'm terrified of falling over. My dog is only a little Jack Russell who is 14 years old but he really pulls me (he's probably bored at going at a snails pace, which is my normal speed) and I'm worried that he will pull me over. I struggle to put my wellies on as I can't lift my legs up that high. Then when I get them on I remember that I was wearing them a few years ago when I slipped on black ice, cracked my ribs, banged my head and laid in the road until an ambulance came, so they give me no confidence. Last year when I had to drive to work in the snow I cried all the way and then when I got there I had a panic attack, probably from sheer releif at getting there in one piece. Although I wouldn't wish these feelings on anyone I am glad I'm not the only one.

Lynne x


I'm sorry to hear you're feeling so anxious and down. The strong optimistic positive woman is in there, but in your life you've learnt to cover her up. It takes time to unlearn old patterns. It's easy to stand on the outside and say 'but the new way is so much better, why would you slip back to the old way?' but life just isn't that simple. So don't give up. Each bump in the road that you overcome is another step in the right direction. You need to hold on to the positive things in your life.

One thing that worked for me in the past was to create a 'bank' full of things that brought positive thoughts and memories. For example, a thank you card from a friend, a picture of myself on a day when I was celebrating something, those tangible reminders of positive aspects of me and my life. In my down moments, I would take something out of the box 'withdraw it from the bank' and use it to support myself. In good times I would make a deposit, (a note of a positive event, a memento of a special occasion) to 'save' for a rainy day. In the beginning it was hard to deposit more than I withdrew. But over time I built a fund of positive thoughts and images of myself, backed by tangible evidence! And of course, after looking at the object, and recalling the positive feelings, it goes back into the bank to be used again and again, unlike real money in real banks!

Don't know whether you have ever tried anything like this?

Good luck, and don't lose yourself again.




I love this idea and think I will do it a.s.a.p Thanks for sharing this,well done.


I get very anxious from time to time,it is awful and I do sympathise with you. Things that help me- I am not going out at all today as I need to be alone to rest my head! Am doing housework and writing cards today. I always have a few meals in the freezer for bad days.

Also do deep breathing, have a hot bath , or read a book,all these make me calmer ,also listen to soothing music. Above all,we have to be brave x


Sorry to hear you are feeling so anxious but what a brilliant idea from Kaz I think I am going to give this a go a positive memory bank.

One thing I was always told by an x boss when feeling over whelmed "how do you eat an elephant" - one bit at a time. Take your time and do what you can and don't beat yourself up for what you can't do.

All the best. Maggie


I too have been losing weight with Slimming world and am also way too hard on myself. I've lost 5st since January but still see the bigger me when I look in the mirror.I too am having a break for Xmas.don't worry about gaining any weight, you know deep down that you can lose it again. I have been having counselling and am starting to feel better and a .little stronger. Try and forget the Slimming and enjoy Xmas and if u want to chat feel free to leave me a message. Gentle hugs and best wishes for a better 2013 x x


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