Ive decided in the last few months to reclaim this illness, its mine I know best what my bodies going through,Im the one screaming in pain, soiling and wetting myself, Im the one whose life its ruined, the doctors can look at any text book they want but at the end of the day ,unless they can live my life theyve really got no idea,I wont be told its all in my head, ive raised 5 kids practically single handed, so Im on a mission now to make myself heard, if this new gps no going, Ill find one that is, if all the appiontment are of no help Ill find the ones that are, Im probably going to be labelled a right pain in the ar** but I dont care

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  • well said and good on you lally. u get days when u want to give up and then along comes the days when enough is enough and u prepare to stand up and be counted!!

  • Like! :)

  • well they cant be much worse than the last gp I had, she out my seizure[ rushed to A&E couldnt speak couldnt see couldnt hear] down to a headache, in the last 3 yrs Ive gone from walking 50miles a week on call 24/7 to needing a wheelchair, otherwise I cant get out of the house, soIm well prepared for a fight, and if during this I can help anyone else I will

  • is this fibromayglia you have

  • Ive had dx with MS? CFS? Fibro? nothings ever been followed up, Ive recently found out through getting my records from gp [that cost me £4 that Ive a broken vertebra and a spinal syrinx so syringomylia is now being mentioned, but my clinical pychologist thinks fibro

  • lally

    wandering in the no real diagnosis, no real help dessert is the most horrible place to be, think we could all understand how that feels, im sorry your not being taken seriously , i know how that feels, keep pushing on, hard done when you feel like road kill, but dont let them grind you down, i finally got a diagnosis with fibro paying privately ( fortune) to see a rheumy, who said yes its fibro , usually you people have been sexually abused as children, something for you to go home and think about, even as a nurse myself i lost all faith in the medical profession, and have had some success with alternative ways of helping combat my symptoms, i find im in pain, if i eat wheat im in excrutiating agony, and my IBS goes into hyper drive, so keep plugging on trying to find help in many areas, and everything crosed, youll find someone decent soon xx

  • Where do some of these people get their ideas from,I have never read anywhere about a correlation between sexual abuse as children and fibro,a lot of other conditions correlate positively with it, anxiety, depression,IBS to name three and you can suffer with any of these and not have Fibro and you can have fibro and not any of the others,I have them all and if any of the first 3 play up then the fibro gets worse as it does if I get a virus, I also have arthritis and osteoporosis so I am able to say to my doctor this pain is being caused by this --and this pain is caused by this and I certainly won't put up with being told that it's in my head, so I want treatment to the extent that it's available for a number of conditions,it shouldn't be that surprising that if you have one you may have more as the mind and body all function together, you can't isolate one and it appears that fibro is a neurological condition so may need different medication to other things.

  • agree totally lynn. thats what flared mine off i think. combination of all those factors. have double jointed legs (hypermobility) but didnt realise that was indicator till looked it up. Its surprising how many illnesses are interlinked when you start researching!

    Had abusive hubby, nan died took on stressful job, etc all within relatively short time, had breakdown and result fm !xx

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