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Morning all any quick remedies for a neck which is alternatively in and out of spasm?

It woke me at 3am and I had to get up at 5,am I have tried massage - gentle movement - gentle stretching and it is still as tight as a ............ I shall not be rude yOU all know what I mean.

Oh well another day another dollar they used to say. pin ping oh my phone is charged. I can see it is going to be one of those weeks :D xxgins

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Hot packs , massage ... Deep heat neck and muscle rescue cream, a hot shower, as a last resort my emergency diazepam .. If it keeps happening everday pain clinic appointment Tens and acupuncture are pretty useless...

Sorry you have this gins.... I am a bit of an expert of neck and muscle spasms .... I could write a very boring book ... Or do it as my chosen subject on Mastermind.... Will send you a tube of neck and muscle relief cream by carrier snail

Hope you get some relief soon

VG x


Thanks VG unfortunately cannot stand under a shower yet still bandaged all the time. I have rubber/ massaged tried some relaxant cream - keep moving it gently- It has not done this for some time it is reminiscent of when I broke my neck horrid. Hey ho shall just keep gently moving today and resting inbetween. Thanks for your support xgins


Hope you feel better soon, Gins - I am suffering a bit at the moment too - I went to cross the road yesterday, and as I turned my head to look both ways, my neck suddenly went into spasm.

My friend thought a wasp had bitten me or something 'cos I froze and was shouting "Ooh, Aow Ouch!" :O One day I will learn to turn more carefully!

Anyway, now I know I'm going to have 48 hours of rubbishy pain, so it's hot showers and muscle cream for me - VG is the authority on this, so I'm happy to take her advice! :(

Moffy x


Oh gins, so sorry, as Moffy has said, VG could write the definitive book on this, the only other thing I could think of is if you have a wheat bag that you can heat in the microwave ( only thing microwaves are good for imho ) and put that on your shoulders and let the heat gently do its best, and diazepam certainly helps me when I'm in spasm.

Golly methinks I'm going to have wrap my poor volunteer friends up in bubble wrap and cotton wool !

Gentle hugs to all of you

Foggy x


Have you tried trigger point massage? I know I do keep on about it but it is like magic for me. I use Clare Davies book of Trigger Point Massage Workbook and find the trouble spot marked in the book, it gives you an idea where the trigger point might be, then you just massage the trigger point deeply for a short time. For neck the trigger points are often in the muscles of the top of the back behind the neck, you can use a theracane if you have one to reach the trigger point, or you can use a tennis ball or a smaller harder ball to rub the spot - you know when you are 'on' the trigger point because it gives intense, but somehow not unpleasant, pain, they call it exquisite pain and when you feel it once you will always recognise it. I can deal with most pain and spasm without resorting to anything else, important as I can take very little medication due to paradoxical effects or severe side effects.


Hope you feel better today gins. Heat packs/wraps help me a bit for spasms and lots of pain meds!

My gp gave me diazepam before for really bad chest spasm, felt like I was being squeezed and crushed and couldn't breathe properly, it was a bad one! Have a milder one now awake on and off most of the night with it, but only myself to blame over done it yesterday in the excitement to get the new twin beds set up! So sore all over today but chest and neck is the worst...oh well off to do gentle exercises and then another cuppa is in order:)


Hi Mary I do feel easier thanks, just the usual exhaustion I admittedly feel exhausted. o you know what I mean. I need a cupper too got any biscuits? Xgins


Hope your feeling better today Gins, I have some ginger bickies if you would like them lol wishing you better gentle hug for you Dee xx


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