Well here I am back again

Well here I am back again

Not quite sure for how long this time until I vanish again, but thing have kind of been up in the air of late, what with my daughters ongoing health problems, and of course my own, which seem to get put on the back burner for everyone else.

So for those still here that knew me before I vanished,m thankyou for the little messages to see how I am. For those who have joined since then, nice to meet you all.



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  • Hello Ozzygirl64,

    Welcome back ! Sorry to hear you have had some concerns over your daughter's health recently , what a worry this must have been. I hope all is improving now.

    It has been a long while but it is great to see you back on the new site. If you need help finding your way around there are explanations pinned at the side. We have many new members and a lots of the old faces are still here too!

    Grab a cuppa & enjoy !

    Emma :)

  • Daughters health problems are ongoing and permanent, but hey ho, we live and learn, as for me, I am running the gauntlet of the medical profession now to see what is causing certain things like my IgE antibodies being through the roof, with no sign of infection or allergy according to the blood tests. Had a booby scare, which turned out to me masses of cysts and fibrous tissues, both boobs, under ongoing care now at breast clinic in case of any sudden changes. Then they thought the chest pain and poor breathing meant the lung disease had worsened, CT scans ahoy, nope not that. Waiting to go for another gastroscopy due a suspected case of either bowel cancer or pancreatic cancer, hoping they are wrong,m I have too much love ot give and too much life to live to give in now. I must admit I do look a little yellow these days! But the hardest thing to cope with these days is not actually the fibro, it is the constant nausea, up chucking and weight loss. I bet they are wrong and I just have a 12 month tummy bug lol, keep ya chin up hunns. As for the site I will have fun finding my way around unaided, tis what I do best, go solo lol xxxxxx

  • Hi there ozzygirl , nice to meet you and welcome back to this lovely caring, sharing, laughing fibro club, it's the best and such lovely listeners, look forward to reading your posts...hugs...Deexx

  • Well I hope when Sandra reposts some of my poetry it will cheer you all right up xxxxx

  • HI your in need of understanding and listening to and pampering I may not be able to send you the latter but everything else is right here on this site welcome back

  • Thanks hun, not so much here for myself, I am here to offer support to others where needed, me I just tend to say hey ho and move on, that sounds cold but that is how I am, putting others 1st, always xxxxx

  • How nice to meet you I am so sorry that you have so many problems It puts my little moan into prospective lots of hugs and I hope all goes well for you sue xxx

  • Oh no, moans are moans no matter what they may entail and we are all entitled to them, never feel your moan are insignificant, thats not the way to go lol xxxxx

  • great to see you back!

    I'm re-posting the old "poetry corner" bit by bit. Do I have your permission to post yours?

  • Of course you do hun, I think 'Come on Fibro lets dance is perfect for us for this time of year xxxxxxxxx

  • Hello,

    nice to 'met' you



  • Nice to meet you too Jilly xxxxx

  • Hi nice to meet you Lin :) and welcome back :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Awww thanks xxxxxx

  • Hi Ozzygirl, good to see you back! I go 'missing' now and again but back for now:)

  • Hiya hun, I tend to go missing when others need my attention that takes all my time, I NEVER concentrate on me until I go to bed lol, hence my health has taken a huge knock of late for leaving things too long before seeing a GP, or something pops up in a routine blood test as recently happened xxxxxxx

  • Hi Lin great to meet you and that your back sounds like your giving all your energy as a mum and needing a little understanding with those of us that in the same boat and maybe listen to yours hope it helps you it does me even when I just read.

  • Always good to read hun even if you don;t have time to reply, we know what we are all going through xxxxx

  • Good to meet you, Lin. What a beautiful tree!

    Do remember to look after yourself as well as others.

    Mim x

  • Good morning Lin and so nice to meet you.Sounds like you need a bit of TLC yourself as well as helping others.We all need some care and attention so hope that you get some yourself xxx

  • Lin,stop right there because this is just where you need to be .Its not always the best thing to do it all for others and forget yourself ,I know because I'm a giver and we can get lost in it all .Please stay even if its only once a week you need support .Other news my back is beyond painful xx

  • Hi there, welcome back. Things have been bad for you so it's nice to have us to chat to x

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