Discover Hope

For anyone of you that has a Kindle then I thought you may be interested to know that there is a book called "Discover Hope: 34 steps to find hope and to cope with CFS and fibro" by Dan Neuffer that is available to load onto your kindle on for FREE (offer for the next few days) I have just started looking at it and it looks like it may be a useful read!

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  • Thanks for that I will go and have a look x

  • Thanks Phlebo.

    I have donwloaded it. I read on an i-pad, so for anyone else in the same situtation, I looked for it in i-books, but couldn't find it. But there is a Kindle app for i-pad which means you can read kindle books.


  • downloading now thank you

  • Can I get it on my I pad as I've not got a kindle?

  • Hi - yes. You have to get the kindle app - free from i-store. Then you can read kindle books on your i-pad - it's what I've done.

  • Thanks so much for this, I now have it! :) xxx

  • Think I may have a Android tablet/computer for xmas wonder if I can down load it to that?

    Thanks :-) x x

  • Just finished reading "discover hope" -- it makes a lot of sense to me -- but putting it into practice is the "difficult" part!! basically the "road to recovery" or in other words "learning how to live with it" is in our "own hands" and we need to have the "inner strength" and determination to deal with it in our own way!! Much easier said than done!!!!!!! But I am not going to let "it" beat me :)

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