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Does anyone have or had carpal tunel?

I went back to the Doctors a few weeks ago as my hands were hurting,I thought it was my osteo getting worse,I now have an appointment booked on 7 dec to see the rhumatologist,since then the numbness and tingling in my hands especially in the morning or even if I nod of for a hour in the day is realy bad,its a horrible feeling,I wrote a post on it a week or so ago,but since writing that I'm getting pain constantly in my wrists with sharp shooting pains up my lower arm,sometimes my fingers just won't unbend,if I didn't have my ipad I would have difficulty writing this,I bought this a couple weeks ago as finding it very hard to use my laptop,I highly recommend an ipad if your hands and finger are bad,anyway it seems that my hands and fingers are getting worse very quickly,I saw the Doc again and he feels sure its carpal tunel and wants to see what rhumy has to say,has anyone else had or got it? and have you had the op for it and was it successful?

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Hiya, i've had carpel tunnel syndrome and had surgery on both my hands. I know some people don't rate the surgery but for me personally it helped! Before I was diagnosed (got to be 15years ago) I couldn't dry a dish without dropping it, waking every night with heavy numb arm and hands it was awful, I have none of those symptoms anymore. Hope that helps just a little xx


Hi pinkblossom

I had carpel tunnel syndrome. I had an electrodiagnosis test to confirm it and then I had each wrist operated on, one at a time. The symptoms you discribe are typical carpal tunnel but when you have pins and needles the little finger isn't affected. If you don't have them operated on you can slowly loss the use of your fingers.

My ops were successful, they were done this year. My wrists are still a little weak but no more pain or pins and needles.

Piggie hugs xxxxx


I have carpel tunnel, and due to have my op done on dec 14th its also affects my little finger, this is my left hand which they thought was strange as I am right handed, I also have trouble with my right hand, and it affects all my fingers which go numb and I drop stuff, but does not effect my thumb.

I just hope it helps as I am forever dropping stuff, and they hurt as well,

soft hugs xx


I hope all goes well for you Iozb,im sure you'll be glad to have your op,I drop loads of things aswell,I dropped my toothbrush in the bath 4 times last night before I said to my partner to pick the blimin thing up for me! Iv lost count of all the china things iv smashed! It seems to be getting worse quite quick,I'm glad iv got my rhumy app soon,I think the way forward for me would be to have the op,though its not something ill look forward to,can anyone tell me is it done as a day case?and is recovery quite quick?...xx


Oh iv also got plantar fasciitis aswel,my feet hurt constantly,so as you can imagine what with the fibro pains and now my hands most days I feel pretty useless! and I'm still trying to hold down my job as a cleaner in a hospital,thankfully I'm on light duties but even that is proving to hard for me now,looks like i'm going to except re-deployment in the new year...xx


I also have Carpel Tunnel in both rists which was confirmed with nerve conduction test...I have opted to have both wrists injected in January as I can't afford the time off for an op on ssp only..If this isn't a great outcome then I will go for op next time. I cook for a living and the repetative movements of chopping/cutting just don't looking for a career change and so regretting turning down a job teaching brain injured how to cook again earlier this year:(

I also have plantar fasciitis..we all seem to have loads of problems in common.


i have carpal tunnel in both hands/wrists too, as well as plantar fasciitis in both feet/legs.

When I was pregnant the carpal tunnel was really severe, I was given splints but i used to throw them across the room in my sleep, haha! I have tendonitis in my right wrist, as well as a ganglion cyst in the right wrist. and yes, i'm right handed. fun times.


Carpel tunnel can be the result of a neck injury (whiplash for example) or even pregnancy, it's worth getting some treatment for your necks to see if it helps. If you have plantar fasciaitits get a spiky ball, place it under your foot and then roll your foot backwards and forwards on top of the ball. Do this of an evening whilst watching telly for 5 mins if you can manage it. It will help.


I have carpal tunnel too, always waking with my hands gone numb, but never really noticed if my little finger is affected, will see next time it happens. I have noticed that typing and using a mouse for any length of time causes terrible pain and stiffness, I used to knit all the time but just a few rows now and I have to give up. Some days I have trouble lifting a cup of coffee never mind the kettle. I'm waiting for an appointment to have the electro thingy done. I also have plantar fasciitis and have not tried the ball but have tried bottles of iced water, they only seem to help for a while, so will look out for one of those balls. Do they operate on CP under local or general anesthetic?


Hi peppersoo,thanks for your reply,I did a lot of sewing,I haven't done any for nearly 2 months,I would make stuff and my friend who sells at craft shows would sell my things for me,really miss sewing at the moment but really if have the op things should be ok.i had a reply from 'fibro' and she says its done under local anesthetic,I recently bought a ipad as I also was finding it hard to use my laptop,it brilliant,I recommend it,it's so mutch easier..xx


I was first diagnosed with carpel tunnel when I was 15, then they changed their minds and said I was too young, now finally at the age of 47, a physiotherapist has recommended I get referred for nerve conduction tests to check if I have it... I'll probably be 48 by the time I get an appointment LOL

In the intervening years I've had two whiplash injuries and a frozen left shoulder from RSI and a fall - the fingers on my left hand don't even work properly! It would be nice if something is finally going to be done about my hands, its been a long wait!

I hope you manage to get some help too, its really hard when your hands don't work properly isn't it?


I do hope you get it sorted,sounds like you've had a long wait! And yes it's realy annoying when your hands won't do anything,I keep dropping things,the pain never seems to go away...xx


I'm waiting for the op, but the waiting list is into the new year at the moment, but have said I will take a cancellation if one comes up

I've had the tests done and they said its severe. My GP has had both his done and reassured me. I can't wait to have mine done and out the way. he knew straight away by his own symptoms which helped, when I went to see him, it had been like it for two weeks, that's now three months so, but there was a bit of a delay getting me a suitable time for the tests to be done, my local hopsital is 15 miles away so had fit in with them and OH getting me there.

It's a very quick op and usually done under local anaesthetic. check out the NHS Choices website as there's loads of info on there xx


Hi fibro,yes I will check out the website,its seems realy strange that most fibro sufferers have CP,I will look into it a bit more..xx


hi well seems everyone has had it and had ops hoh

i was diagnosed back in 2005 and was told if not sorted then it would spread and things would get too difficult well here i am now in 2012 and feel riddled .

head to foot.. i have spinal cord compression on my nerves and told i canot be operated on now the % is very high of 90% for paralys and death eeek i dont know why but things have gone too far i gues but i do not believe it!!! i begged pelase operate on me but no. so i take meds like anyone else.

If you can have the op then go for it my uncle had one done at a time and he is fine,

my mother in law also has it she has Diabetis but uses splints and does not want any ops she is 67.

so each individual is different.

all the best xx caroline


Hi everyone

Thanks ever so much for your replies,I find it amazing that so many of us have this problem,and just as amazed at how many have planter fasciitis which I was told I also have a couple of months ago,I've also got osteo in my thumbs which Iv had a long time,it seems to me there is a long wait for the op but its worth it in the long run,for those of you still waiting for your op I do hope you don't have to wait much longer..xx

(((((((( soft hugs for all of you))))))))))


I had mine treated, only my left hand, earlier this year. They first tried me with a splint which for me was useless as I have gout in the back of my left hand so it felt like a sharp knife cutting my hand whenever I wore it.

The op is usually done under local anaesthetic but if you have problems with pain could be done under general. I almost passed out at one point so if I need it done again it would have to be under general anaesthetic.

I think the reason we don't know we have it for so long, until it becomes chronic, is that we are on pain relief which does a great job of masking it. Life has been much easier since the op as I no longer have that pain just a weaker wrist.



Well I have been back today for a chat with the surgeon and my pre op assessment,

The surgeon was fantastic, made me feel very relaxed, and laid my fears to rest,

told me he would do it under general. if thats what I wanted,

mmm I forgot to mention to him about my sleep apeona,

damn and blast, so when went into my pre op assessment I remembered, she fetched the surgeon in to chat with me again,

and NO can not have general because my apeona is severe, and there is to high a risk of me popping my clogs when they put me under,

So I am having a pain blocker in top of my arm, this will completely freeze and numb the whole thing, plus I will be heavily sedated as well,

mine is on 14th dec so will keep you informed on how it goes,

hehe thats me doing no jobs till new year

xx Lozb xx


Morning Lozb

14th December! that's a bit close to Xmas! what a shame you can't have the general,but then like you don't want pop your clogs! It's a good job you told them about the apeona,I'm waiting to see the sleep apeona clinic as I also stop breathing sometimes when sleeping,though nothing serious,I didn't know you could have a pain blocker in your arm,but at least you'll be heavily sedated so you should be ok,I sure everything will go just fine and yes if you could let me know how you get on that would be great,at least your going to have a pretty lazy Xmas! And no jobs till the new year....that sounds like heaven! Could you tell me how long you waited until your appointment come through?...xx


It may be worth getting checked out for myofascial trigger points, as these can cause symptoms similar to carpal tunnel, and myofascial pain is very common in people with Fibro. I suspect that some people with Fibro who have the op for carpal tunnel and do not benefit may actually have had myofascial pain all along. I was myself given a provisional GP diagnosis of carpal tunnel, but myofascial release treatment got rid of these symptoms.

Many people with Fibro are hypermobile, as this is considered to be a risk factor for developing Fibro. Hypermobility puts you at risk of all kinds of joint and feet problems.


That's very interesting to know lindseymid,I never new that,thank you for sharing that information,i will deffinately talk to my Doctor about it...xx


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