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Oh the Holly and the Ivy la laa lala join in when youre ready

Remember singing and joining a choir lifts your mood and improves your pulse rate, your breathing , so its Carols turn today Oh the Holy and ..............

Hope some of you are awake and I am not twiddling the knobs by myself ............

All together now we can raise the roof lots of noise and laughter if you please

oops mind the cat he does look cross and the dog has begun to Hooooowl better stop a while I will start again at 11.00 on the platform

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Lol you are quite chirpy first thing aren't you, ....I am too but everyone here isn't, lol, ave good day...Dee x


Morning Dee :)

I opened my eyes 15 minutes ago LOL and saw the time and thought I'd better wake up or it'll be me that misses the choo choo :D

It'll be chirpy chirpy cheep cheep all way to Belgium hope you can join us

many warming fluffies

:) xxxsianxxx :)


and you Dee take care :)


Morning Sian, the sun is shining her at the moment, but I think it's the lull before the storm....I have to go with Maureen for her blood test,( as you know she is severely partially sighted ) but hope to catch up with you all when I get back.....have a good day....((((s )))) ....Dee xxx


will try (((Dee))) wrap up warm with these warming fluffies xx


warm fluffies I have always though rather provocative like a fur coat not knickers heheheh Jingl jingle bells


Have you been on the booze gins? Lol,maybe it's chocolate licquors :O Sorry I missed you all this morning,had a stress and mood management course and then got chatting after to some lady who has fibro type symptoms and had been ill for ten years with no diagnosis xxx


Hi there Haribo you must join us not sure where we are at mo hang on Zeb where are we?


OK Fall in everyone who have we got zeb haribo foggy cookie the gorgeous steward anym one else okay when you are all ready jingle bells jingle bells as loud as you can.....


Hi gins

I am now sitting here singing away to myself. I have just woken my 2 cockatiels up and they are not happy with me!



I have this brilliant image of you sitting there chortling with your birds , Lol

xxx gins


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