Morning On the 9th day of Christmas my true love sent to me ?

Morning On the 9th day of Christmas my true love sent to me ?

Nine Ladies Dancing or was it Prancing?

I enjoyed the Ballet very much, but there was one thing I could not understand

Why did they all dance on their toes?

Could n't they have used taller people!

I used to be a tap dancer

But I kept falling off into the sink

What kind of sweet goes swinging through the jungle?

TARZI-PAN LOL YOU KNOW i think these are getting worse still only 5 sleeps left to go!

Sigh of relief :) :) :

Dont forget to stat your day with a smile :)


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  • Here's one for you Gins...

    What is a pig's favourite ballet?

    Swine Lake!

    Woohoo... 5 sleeps to go!!! We woke up to snow this morning. My OH's last day at primary school, so Christmas starts tomorrow...yay!

    I hope you're going to have a lovely Christmas :)

    Pip xx

  • hog! hog! hog! then I suppose ............... LOL ;)

    Hi pip :)

    Well snow must be lovely awwwwwww! its just dank here I'm afraid :( maybe the sky will cheer up for Christmas there's time yet :D :D :D

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Good morning every one. I hope you are all as well as can be expected No snow here but a heavy frost gives a christmasy feeling. A carol for the cats......Deck the halls with catnip mouses fol alol alar la lar lar lar....wreck the trees and blame the doggies fol alol la lar la larl alar.......sad I know but it tickled me. Hold on me being tickled nooooo I cant` stand anyone to touch me Let alone tickle me lol .Going christmas shopping in a bit. wish me luck......sue

  • LOL :D xx

  • Hehehehe like that one :D

  • Here are a couple for you too gins :-)

    What carol is heard in the desert?

    O camel ye faithful!

    What do angry mice send to each other at Christmas?

    Cross Mouse Cards!

    Groans and goes to hide in corner ........... :o

  • LOL :D xx

  • 'What did Adam say on the day before Christmas? It's Christmas, Eve'

    * * * * *

    Who delivers presents to baby sharks at Christmas?

    .................Santa Jaws

    * * * * *

    :D :D :D

  • The Rudolph Song

    Once upon a time there was a king in Lapland called Rudolph. He had bright ginger hair so his people called him Rudolph the Red.

    Now Rudolph the Red was bad-tempered and argued a lot. He gave his poor wife, Gertrude the Green, a terrible time. No matter what she said he had to argue.

    One winter's day Gertrude the Green looked out of the palace window and said, 'Oh dear, it's snowing again. You'll have to clear the footpath before mother comes to tea.'

    'Humph!' Rudolph the Red grunted. He didn't fancy shifting snow and he didn't want Gertrude the Green's mother coming to tea.

    'That's not snow. It's rain!' he argued.

    'But it's white and fluffy and drifting,' Gertrude the Green tried to tell him.

    Rudolph the Red hid behind his newspaper and snapped, 'It's rain!'

    Gertrude the Green became quite angry. 'Gertrude the Green knows snow, darling!'

    'Yes,' retorted her husband. 'And Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear!'

    'What a great title for a song!' Gertrude the Green exclaimed.

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Ow! That was so groany it hurts! Well done Sian xx

  • I didn't write it but when I read it knew I had to share it :D

  • Hehehehehehahahaha,you lot have cheered me up now! Where do you all get those jokes from?lol :D

  • ho ho ho you would not believe the places i HAVE DRAGED THEM UP ALL UP FROM THE PANTOMIME STOCK!

  • I have a sneaky feeling you have all been at the Christmas cheer a little early! Thanks for the laughs peeps x

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