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Could i lose the use of my hands?

I had a very painful cramping spasm in my right fingers this evening after nipping for some shopping after work(I've only been back at work a week!) It was like a painful twitching nerve in my pinky and the one next to it and they seemed to lock into the position and i couldn't move them yet when i tried massaging them with my other hand i couldn't really feel them being touched was very unpleasant,my hands and fingers have always been painful at times but i fear them getting worse and being unable to use them anymore!!!

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Hi sorry u r experiencing this I recxently have had quite a bit of hand pain in factt its 4am and I am wide awake because of the pain. From experience its like everywhere else in the body the pain and spasms should subside eventually and no doubt move to another part of the body. I know that's not much help for you at the moment. Take care x


Hi Karencw I often get this, and it can wake me up at night. My GP says It may be a trapped nerve but nothing to worry about. But if in doubt see your doc. xxx


hi karencw. i to have hand pain. nothing like yours. just the grip of small things like the window lock keys . go back to your gp i would.


yes hand pain is a part of fms however check it out with the gp . we can not assume everything is fsm we can get other conditions . from what i understand fms does not make you loose anything completly .. gentle dyslexic hugs


Hi karen I to have hand pain wakes me up as they swell up feels like skin is 2 tight I recently had a scan as was reffured by my rhumatologist am waitin results in june so will post on her when I get them. Karen



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Hey Karen, gentle hug,

I suffer with my hands going into spasm - It's so bad at times I almost pass out. It varies from lasting a few seconds pulsating with barely any pain, but a slight discomfort - to a good hour or more twitching - reminds me of a vinyl record with the needle stuck in the groove - and agonising pain. At their worst - my hands shake violently coming out of a spasm - scares me witless as I have the shakes on their own and as they are bad - along with Restless Legs Syndrome, I now take Ropinirole to get both under control.

Gentle hugs,

Carol xx

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