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On the ninth 9th day of december, just read yesterdays and it was practically illegible

I suspect my fibro wrote it sorry happy readers but I expect you got the gist!

Behind the square window -A grey cat in a red hat, wearing ice -skates he is a clever cat to be able to skate .

A joke for the day well let me ponder a moment.............I wouldn't let cinderella play on our hockey team.............................Why is that?

She keeps running away from the Ball ...........crowd cheers madly, welcome to our world!

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Gins it was perfect fibrese have an A star for it as you got replies it shows hat we fibromites although we don't realise it can speak two languages fluently in fact if I gat called for Job interveiw I will add fluent in fibrese to my cv....

VG x


In fact I must have had fibro since I was a child cos bill and Ben the flowerpot men always made perfect sense to me... Aha thats it bill and Ben the flowerpot men were obviously created by a person with fibromyalgia

VG x


me too! I also understood every word Sweep said!




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