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Yesterday I went to play trains with young grandson- the order of the day was to apparently sit on the floor well no problems I thought

sinking to the floor we happily put the train set together. It gradually fild the floor and I kept having to edge towards the chair. It did cross my mind that this was not an ideal position to be in as there was little room to swing a cat let alone an enourmous lady with bad legs and back. My grandson thought it was marvelous and kept bringing bits for me to assemble I thought it was brilliant too then a voice from the kitchen said "Can you feed this dog it wont eat with out you"

SO I attempted to rise by first moving around on my bottom to be near the chair for something of substance to grab. I realise I needed to put weight on my bad knee so I went for it but couldnot get a handle hold too lever myself up with. More shuffling then I tried the other knee "Can I help" my daughter cried from the other side of the room. I was then on one knee and trying to pull whay hey I did it I am up I turned to see small grandson holding out thomas sayin Choo Choo Not again I thought well not from the floor!! xgins

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Am now imagining you lying on the floor doing a TISWAS version of the dying fly dance while your grandson builds a viaduct over you ...... I hope the dog didnt starve .... And glad you got upright to blog this morning..... Oh the things we do that seem perfectly feasible at the time only to realise sometime later it was not... ;)

VG x.


Indeed feasable VG we are so ablxginse in our minds :) Happy Easter


You two are funnier than Morecambe and Wise! And you're both alive, too - which is even better! :D

Moffy x


Thanks :0 Happy Easter xgins


whooo woooooo tugging the chain putting in coal keep going gins

just shout the dog and get grandson to build a mobile doggy bowl to send on that track your building to the kitchen .

xxxxx FC xx


just what is the best way for us to get up once down? I thought this the other day when I was spreadeagled on the lounge floor trying to get the dogs ball and suddenly realized that I couldn't actually stay own there for ever!!!! anyone found useful ways of getting up that doesn't involve too much pain? (apart from remembering not to get down there in the first place!


amanda, good question, could you post it as a question? I'd like to know too.



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