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Please read and share,sorry if inappropriate, this man has been on hunger strike for 22 days over unfair treatment at the hands of ATOS


When I first began this protest it was in a state of general fury, that a government in the UK would DARE to attack the most vulnerable people in the country and allow a private IT Company to profit from their misery. It was like a return to the days of Robin Hood; robbing the poor to give to the rich! Sheriff of Nottingham style.

I could not stand for that and no other decent person should either.

It was NEVER just about what they had done to me in removing all my benefits and leaving me on the verge of destitution. It was also about those mothers and fathers who found, like me, all income cut off who could not now feed either themselves or their children. It was also about those men and women fighting every day to survive in the face of crippling physical and mental illnesses; who were already living on the edges of poverty; now finding that the safety net that may have paid for all their lives with National Insurance Contributions being pulled out from under them as the government and ATOS pushed them off the high wire above it.

Now, let me just say this so there are no misunderstandings. If you are fiddling the system and are drawing money out you are not entitled too then in my eyes, you are scum. Nothing less than a common thief and you should be jailed and made to pay back every penny. However, this fight is not about those doing that. This fight is about people who are genuinely sick and need our help.

The problem here lies NOT with the sick and disabled, but with assessments that are target driven and which take no account of the real lives of those sick and disabled people. The problem is that the tick-box system that has been put in place is clearly unfit for purpose and MUST be scrapped.

There is also another issue and that is far more pressing because it is killing people at a rate of up to 32 a week, who are driven to despair and placed in a position of unrelenting fear. My first argument relates to those people.

Here than are my two demands and these are NOT negotiable.

1. That anyone who appeals against the decision to stop their benefits MUST have those benefits restored until the appeals process is complete.

2. The government will set up a genuinely independent committee of people with medical backgrounds, to look hard and quickly at the failings of the ATOS system; and make rapid and permanent changes to ensure that a holistic approach to each patients needs and concerns is fully implemented, BEFORE any decision is taken regarding their suitability for employment.

In other words, a system where patients attending assessments is put in place, whereby those patients are given space and time to explain how their illness affects their everyday life; and that those statements are also recorded and entered into evidence.

Both of these demands are reasonable. Both are achievable. Both are desirable.

If these demands are met then my protest can end and we can all get on with trying to live a normal life. There is nothing extreme about these demands and nothing in them that any reasonable minded person can object too. If the government refuse to implement these two recommendations and to do it quickly, this protest will become about corporate manslaughter charges and an ever escalating, non violent, but VERY LOUD international protest.

Now, in case any government ministers from both coalition parties are still under any illusions they can simply ignore this issue, let me spell this out:

Politically, this will utterly destroy you as political entities! NO ONE will ever trust you again and you will be confined to the dustbin of political history as people who tipped from democracy to cruel, idealogical tyranny. When the vast majority of our people have understood exactly the magnitude of what you have been doing, their anger will become utter disgust and then fury and you will be finished.

Furthermore, less the socialists among us are also thinking this will have a minimum impact upon them politically, let us just say this. We know and remember that it was YOU that introduced ATOS into this land and it was YOU that started this whole ball rolling. YOU will ALSO be brought to account for the deaths and misery it has caused.

We are NOT your serfs any longer. Get used to it! THOSE DAYS ARE GONE.

You are public servants NOT public masters. You are elected to serve THE PEOPLE not the policy whims of David Cameron, the EU, your whips, the media or those business lobbyists buying your ears. Trim your arrogance now while you can or we, the people, will trim it for you, and all the force and threatenings you can muster will not be enough to stop us. Your tin-pot feudal empire will not stand without the cooperation of the people and if you wish to avoid an English Spring you would do well to listen. No one sane wants trouble for his land and his people, but no one sane wants a government boot stamping on their necks either. Do not force a choice between the two.

I am one voice with a growing number of supporters but do not think you can just silence me and the whole thing will go away. From the ashes of my life will grow a movement that you will NEVER stop. Not because I am great, but because our PEOPLE are great and despite your best efforts to pervert them, enough have resisted those efforts to understand the difference between common decency and evil. They will form the hardcore of an avalanche that will sweep away those corrupt vermin now running our country. Once that happens here, it will spread around the developed world.

The population have been sending you old guard politicians very clear signals for a very long time. The rise of UKIP is the strongest of all those signals and your old methods for using the media to shape public opinion in your favour is weakening by the day. Ignore them at your peril. The spirit of the British lion is stirring. If it wakes up and roars you will never defeat it.

In closing I want to say a word to those urging me to give up because the psychotics in suits in Westminster cannot be beaten.

Go away from me!

I will not listen to you.

A war conducted by defeatist cowards can never be won. This fight goes on until those two very reasonable demands are met. Fight with me or go away. I have neither time nor energy to battle with you. I am offering my own life to save the lives of others. That is the tradition laid down over the millennia of human history. Some fights are worth dying for. This is one of them. To live in a land that would do these things to the very weak would be intolerable to me and only when YOU feel the same way will you have any understanding of why I am making this stand.

In times of war, it is good and right to call upon others to risk their lives for us in combat. This is a war none of us wanted. It was declared by a bunch of hyperactive civil servants who have forgotten the word 'servant' in their job description. I do not want to die, but neither can I live in a land willing to tolerate this evil when we have sent millions of our best young people to spill their blood around the world to prevent tyranny ruling. This is a domestic tyranny. It is REAL. It MUST be fought.

I am NOT the peoples saviour. I know of and acknowledge only one saviour – my Lord Jesus Christ – and He said this: Greater love has no man than this; that a man lays down His life for another. John 15:13.

Because I love you. Because you matter to me. Because I want YOUR suffering and the suffering of your relatives to end. I offer my life willingly. No one is taking it from me.






George Rolph.

11th June 2013

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Don't apologise for posting this. This person is stating the facts - saying what we all believe. I for one thank him for taking such a brave stand. It is just so sad that people are becoming so desperate that they need to do things like this. Our government are turning this country into a dictatorship and need to get their heads out of the sand. My thoughts and prayers are with this very brave man.


He makes some very good points about how cruel and inhumane the system has become, we need more people like him to keep fighting. If 32 people a week are dying, 1 more won't make any difference to Cameron and his cronies, so I hope he gives up on the hunger strike soon and finds another way to shame our tin pot dictatorship of a gov't.


I apologised to the mods I made an inappropriate blog a few weeks ago bout the government which got blocked!! This poor guy is prepared to give his life - the national news refuse to acknowledge it the government refuse to acknowledge him - he us 22 days into a hunger strike and can't last much longer ;(


Here here never a better word spoken a man standing up to what he truly believes, lets hope at some point soon it will have the desired effect on these bunch of idiots, these strangers that see us and assess us in 20 minutes having been delayed waiting in pain for 45 minutes and make a judgement on us based on what?????? I was seen holding a Tesco carrier bag with my meds in and getting my meds out of the bag and it was put in my report that i was carrying a bag with no problem and was able to get my meds out of the bag with no problem lol its a joke, do they see me struggle to move or change position in the night? Do they see me needing help to get up from sitting? Do they see the restless nights and no sleep? Do they see the help i need to motivate myself and stay safe from self harm? Do they see the help i need to cook a meal to clean my home, to take me shopping, to get in and out of the bath help dress me? No they see me holding a Tesco carrier bag so that must mean i am ok.!!!!! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT eventually we will WIN!


Well said cazza3770 ..... I had very much the same experience as you described :-(

Although this morning, I had to roll out of bed onto the floor and try to get myself up with the aid of the bed, because my neck and shoulder muscles were in spasm... I live alone and I needed the toilet....what was I supposed to do ???? I had to manage alone or soil myself.....who would clean up the mess then ????? Yeah, me !!!!!

Sorry for ranting but this assessment system *************** me right off

I don't want to be ill, I'm 54, I want to be out there meeting a partner and living happily....



Brave man,prayers for him.Iy's awful what people are going through.


Wow, powerful stuff and its shocking to read that 32 people a week are dying because of ATOS, I don't understand why, when the government are being told the mess ATOS are making of this they don't do something about it, surely that would make good political sense because George Rolph is right, any politician that supports this may as well clear his desk now because they won't be re-elected after this debacle!

It makes me want to cry that George Rolph is making this sacrifice for the rest of us! I just hope it's not in vain!


god bless him,this actualy made me want to cry lets hope and prey that he is heard by those who can change this awful mess we all find ourselves in.xx


He was banned from facebook and now fears a further ban - its like we're being shackled against ANY free speech - those of us trying to get his message out are ignored by all/any newsgroups. 1 person alone cannot change anything BUT if we have a voice and all speak through that 1 voice we have to be heard. Thanks for reading x


This Government is using propaganda to rubbish the Health Service and now Comprehensive schools to push through it's privatization policies. The Home Secretary wants to monitor all emails to "protect us". It has conducted a vicious propaganda war on the disabled, sick and poor and is intent on a low wage economy for us serfs so profits for privatized companies are higher so more backhanders and donations to them.Pension schemes are being down graded with m.p.s. being improved.

And don't think a Labour Government would change anything Ed Balls is proposing retirement pensions to be at age 70! Not for them though! Labour just want to get their snouts in the trough again!

The outdated class system in this country starts with the Royal Family - another lot for whom cutbacks don't exist!

Where are the marches, protests about all this ( Never mind Eastenders is on tonight).

The only protest song I know of is by a folk rock band called "Show of Hands". Here are some of the lyrics - Called A.I.G. Arrogance Ignorance and Greed"

"At every trough you stopped to feed with your arrogance your ignorance and greed. With your bonuses, and expenses you shoveled down your throats. You bit he hand that fed you dear God I hope you choke."

"The working stands in line the market sits his price, no feather bed, no golden egg, no one pays him twice"

It upsets me dreadfully to read the way people on this forum are treated by a system which was intended to help and now a hunger strike!

Is this the 19th century???

I needed this rant - sorry if it offends anyone.


Absolutely heartbreaking to read. this is one brave man a people's champion a man of conscience and substance. I salute you sir. You have spoken with much bravery a true warrior prepared to lay down his life with honour for the sick and suffering. May God give you strength and keep you safe..teach us to become the foot soldiers and comrades of this brave hero..show us the way forward to fight alongside this man on behalf of the sick and suffering. A mass uk rally to rise up against the injustice of this greedy arrogant government and its eschilions. Fight and protest against the corporate genocide of it's people. Let us protest peacefully on behalf of those people who have died and the others who are dying on a daily basis. May God bless this man. Help us to help him who is willing to give his life to help those in need..honour this hero. Xx


I don't know what to say :-(

My prayers are with this man :-)


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