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boxed out! boxed out!

hiya, even quicker quickie tonight.I`m in bed trying to figure this kindle contraption out! The typing is very easy but each time I think I have got the hang of it, it does something weird & I am left flummoxed! mind you it doesn't take much to confuse me these days.

I've been in bed for hours, no idea what time it is now but my eyes are dropping so must be sleep time.

Just need a quick double rant. Today my workshy ex husband had his Atos assessment, he has peripheral neuropathy & does have mobility problems (mainly getting off his backside) . he does have a lot of pain & is on a cocktail of tablets but he is a voluntary radio presenter, drives the car, and manages to do most things for himself, now that I'm not there. well according to him the assessment was no problem, the doctor understood his problems & even said he should be able to get a carer, and that he had nothing to worry about. I was speechless! I know he exaggerates but he's so jammy that he will get out of it. He has done so much work for the radio station & is a whizz on the computer he is perfectly capable of work! Oh well, it's not my problem anymore.

My other rant, well worry really is about my removal men.I booked them through an online comany & paid a deposit.I had an email to say that he had put me down for Friday but when I emailed him about details he said he'd phone that night . but didn't.After 2 days I emailed again asking if things were ok but still nothing. I'm moving in a week! I can't even do much now because it's weekend. I don't know if I'm worrying too much, but I'm gettinG RATHER STRESSED!

ok rant over, sleep time hopefully

night all

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If there is a phone number I'd start burning a hole in them - hope you get an answer and quick. Threaten with ombudsmen (I'm sure there is one for removals) if he doesn't get back to you.

Husbands and ex's talking bo****ks - goes with the territory I reckon. Hope the Karma train is warming up...

Hugs to you (btw - what do you think of the Kindle? I'm assuming it's the Fire?)

Spirit x x x


Morning wow I am jealous of you Kindle they ;look amazing how you getting on with it?



Ohh let me know what the kindle fire is like when you get the hang of it I am getting the new iPad 3 for Christmas.... I thought about the kindle but am so used to an iPad now I would only get confused.. Plus I know iPads are pretty solid. Mines been dropped thrown and trodden on and it stil works fine

VG x


Ex's are ex's for a reason :-) (altho i suffer a lot of similar problems to him and still wrk)

But would not given any chance due to the severity of it all .

Always better with a kindle instead . :-)

Get a lot more interest from books all in one Tablet .

Its so difficult when and if you have to fight for things.

Have you anyone to help with things

I so hope you manage to sort things out xxxxxx


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