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Esa Assessment


Morn all. Does anyone no how long it takes to get a reply from DWP after having an ATOS assessment i've now had 8mnths of worry worry, 6mnths waiting for reply from assessment form. Now 5wks plus waiting for reply to my ATOS Assessment, i've had a letter 4wks ago saying my money was being incresed. Then yesterday another another outlining my benifit and how it is worked out, bog standard letters. But upsetting for me every time I see a brown envelope my stomach tuns over. does anyone know or is it anyones guess because I'm a little fed up of being in Limbo HELP.


Kind Regards


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I think it can be upto 12 weeks hun. and get ready to appel! coz you most probably will need too.atso are useless!

Hi Dreamer thanks for making me feel even more on edge, I've had that in back of my mind all the time didn't need reminding to be honest. I haven't worked for nine yrs but norm just get letter back saying my benefits will carry on as norm and have only started having to fill forms in since the overall. I didn't have to do the physical exam so here's hoping i'm ok, the examiner said up to four weeks 4 reply.

It is certainly a very worrying time for you, which of course doesn't help with our health at all...!!

It never seems fair to me that the form you apply with (ESA50) has to be in a certain day then they (ATOS) can take as long as they please to reply to it!!! I feel that all claims should have a date by which you know you'll hear a decision but with the state of chaos that ATOS are in I suppose it isn't a surprise this is not so but this isn't helpful to the individuals dreading the post every morning!!

If you are NOT getting any money at the moment then I would telephone them to ask what is going on as I feel this is a reasonable and perfectly normal thing to do. If you are still getting paid but waiting for a renewal of your benefit then I would stay quiet and just wait it out.

I'm in a similar position right now. I've been waiting for a response to my renewal to benefit since early January but haven't heard anything at all yet. My doctor & oncologist filled in the back page but I don't know how much difference this actually makes... However, because my payments have continued to be made I have kept quiet... If they were to stop I would telephone straight away.

I hope this helps (just a little) and that you receive some reassurance soon. The waiting is not easy that's for sure.

Wishing you well. xx

mgclassic in reply to Celticmoon

Hi Celticmoon I'm still in receipt of my benefit and have even had a letter stating what rate I'm on and a breakdown of my benefit, this was tuesday was really miffed as I open the envelope expecting it to be the result of my medical being a dreaded brown envelope. Your right the waiting is torture, you've got it at the back of your mind 24/7. Thank you for your reply.

Kind Regards


Celticmoon in reply to mgclassic

I've had the same MG!!

One morning there were TWO brown envelopes on the mat and my husband came up to the bedroom waving them...!! He opened them for me because I panicked :-/ but they were just updates, as you say the usual breakdown, which almost made me have one!!

I'm glad you are getting some money while they faff about though, I haven't had a reduction or anything yet like last time when they put me in the WRAG and dropped my money down. Although I got returned to the support group after I asked them to reconsider their decision the money was never repaid for those 6, nearly 7, months. I didn't ask about it either - was too unsure and worried to do so.. :-/ I get so annoyed at the complete lack of transparency in this claim process, which seems at best inadequate and one-sided and at worst a fear-inspiring, esteem reducing obstacle course where the goal posts keep moving.

I really feel for people who are not getting ANY money while all these delays are going on. ATOS, or whoever takes over from them, has a massive back log to deal with that's not going to go away as if by magic... Waiting around is simply not fair on those who, although they are entitled to benefit, still find themselves waiting without payments while the powers that be (or not as it transpires) get their act together!! I am still unable to understand why a GP cannot sign us off on long term sickness - if they can sign off someone from work then what's the difference???

I didn't have to have an assessment last time and am hoping to avoid one again but am, like you, totally in the dark about what's happening. I'm sure the cost (financially, emotionally & every which way) of many of the assessments being carried out must outweigh their use. Like many things in life simplicity and common sense seem to be lacking and in their place complexity and stupidity reign supreme.

Let's hope we will both hear something positive soon... I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!! :-)

And breathe... ... ... (Sorry for the mini rant, I'm calming down again now!! :-D !!)

CM xx

mgclassic in reply to Celticmoon

Rant away it does you good, I feel they change the system to beat the ones that abuse it. All they are doing is making the genuine truthful people suffer. The ones who abuse the system, will beat the system what ever they do they no every trick in the book. Thats my rant, good luck hope its good news when it finally arrives.

Kind Regards


Hi mgclassic

I am so sorry to read that you are being given all of this stress and anxiety on top of your illness. I genuinely hope that you get some wonderful news really soon.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Hi there did I hear your say your benefits are being increased that sounds pretty much like you got it nobody gets a raise its usually a no or an increase maybe you should call them. :))

Dont want to tempt fate, benefits go up every April. thought it might be bog standard letter, but it does give me a breakdown of what my benefits for so fingers crossed its a good sign no news is good news and all that.

Kind Regards


I had my atos assessment on the 14_2_13 And I got my letter on the 20_2_13 to say I did not have. Sufficient points to get ESA and. I had to. Ask for a reconsideration and they. Gave me three more points so then had to go to tribunal so I think in your case no news is good news x

Hi Dorothy thanks for you reply I am hoping thats the case, when I had the assessment the assessor said I didn't have to do the physical part of medical so I'm hoping that is a good sign. Then again I've heard that many bad reports about the people that, have been thrown off that are really unable to work. So I cannot help but worry myself to death, which I could do with out as my diabetes is not good and I'm on yet another injection pen to try to control it. Thanks for your positive reply.

Kind Regards


I had my atos assesment 14 oct 2013...awarded it 6th jan... you can ring atos themselves and ask if your assesment has been sent to dwp...if they say yes then ring dwp...if they say its still with the assesment team ask how long they are looking at before they send it to dwp....thats what I had to do and within 2 days I had my letter...

mgclassic in reply to debs76

Thanks Debs, when I had my assessment the assessor said she would electronic send it to dwp asap. I asked how long before I'd hear she said about 4wks I'm at 6, don't want to tempt fate and I'm hoping no news is good news. thanks for advice though.

Kind Regards


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