Proud but very sore

Well I went to my sons school to see him play last night at the acoustic night,he took his own guitar and I was very nervous as he has refused to play in front of me before and as he is autistic I did worry ... It was totally needless... How he plays without music I don't know, but after doing the set pieces as arranged, wonder wall James blunt etc . The music teacher said anyone got anything they want to show us and My son his friend, and a small group of girls got up , the teacher looked surprised and said what are you going to do, My sonss friend said we are going to do Gangnam style on accoustic guitar , then My son launched into the music his friend sang it in english and the girls did the dance, loads of people got to their feet and were dancing and singing the chorus ... I was so proud, yes I'm sore this morning but I don't care after seeing my son last night.

VG :)

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  • How wondeful sounds brilliant ! xgins

  • What a heartwarming story !!! Sounds like your son has a great talent - it must have taken a lot of guts for him to perform with his friend. Tell him "well done" from me -- it sounds amazing!!! :) xx

  • fantastic - no wonder you are so proud of him - and remember, he wouldn't be able to do this without your support, so be proud of yourself too.


  • Well Done to your son VG, as a mum of an autistic son i understand the monumental effort it must have taken for him to gain the courage to perform. Its something that alot of people dont understand unless you have experience. My son isthe captain of the regions most sucessfull football team and last year they won all 3 cups they entered in and as the captainhe had to go and collect the cups while loads of people crowded round him ad shouted his name trying to get his attenntion as they were trying to take his photo with the cups and i was actually prouder (if that was possible) of the fact that he managed to do it as he doesnt like a lot of people near him, doesnt like his photo being traken and hates being the centre of attention. He didnt panic or cry but as long as he could see me he dealt with it wonderfully. Kids are amazing arent they? and they are the reason i refuse to stay in bed during a bad flare long as i can get them to school im happy and will then get on the sofa! Im so glad you managed to go to your sons concert and as much as you are suffering for it now...i bet you wouldnt change it...Lots of love to you and your amazing son.....Charlii xx

  • Thank you all and Charlii yes our kids are amazing, ok he didn't speak on stage his friend did but his music spoke for him last night. So glad your son found his talent too

    Hugs VG x

  • HI VG I am so pleased for you and your son what a talent he has take care and try to rest today love beth x

  • how wonderful VG what a talented young man also your son Charlii it just goes to show that people should not be labeled as unable when they most certainly have great talent .

    warm hugs and thankyou so much you made me feel very happy xx

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