So hard

Am having bad flar up that has lasted 11 days so far, haven't left the house since but have to make an effort because have got appointment with my mental health worker. If that wasn't bad enough have just had a call from DWP asking me to send another letter from,my gp before they will look at my appeal that started in MAY ! ! It is so hard that I really feel like saying stuff it the stress and pain is just not worth it. Sorry to post yet another miserable blog but am so frustrated by it all and as wonderful as my family are you all know how it feels:(

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  • Don't give in, just phone your doctors and explain DWP phonecall and you being poorly at moment i'm sure they will help you all they can.You are not the only one having a call from DWP millions of others have for same thing,if you can or feel mentaly well enough cancel app for another day,after all that's what FIBRO does it causes us to cancel app due to flare up.Especially this weather it's worse,all these health people and doctors understand more than anyone,please don't dismay phone them explain yourself,you will feel a lot better i bet,theirs no need to sit and worry.Trying to be helpful jacksiex

  • Thankyou for your kind words x

  • Hello there IJ, it's true what Jacksie says, try not to worry too much because it won't do you any good with your flare-up. Phone your GP, get as much support there as you can.

    If ever you can't attend anything because you are too unwell, phone and explain why. This is how it goes with Fibro, sometimes we can't make it because we can't even leave the house for our symptoms.

    As long as we inform everyone involved, I am sure there will be no problem. We are here for you IJ, we do care about you and we will do all we can to help and support you along the way.

    I hope you feel better really soon! :)

    Bless you. (((hug))) xxx


  • Omg went to see gp as mentioned above, he faxed a letter to DWP whilst I was with him and have just had a call to say my appeal was successful and have now been placed in support group. X x

  • So happy for you IJ, that's wonderful news! How lovely to have a supportive and helpful GP too, that's good to hear!

    Hope you have a good day today with such positive news!

    (((hug))) xxx


  • And you were almost ready to give in it's wonderful news for you reading this has done me good I am just starting down the incapacity to esa road and already they are messing about and not following there own procedures. Well there mistakes will be written down and will be used against them.

    Take care God bless.


  • Hi there,

    C'mon, life your head up and smile. Sometimes when I am feeling that down and hopeless I try and find something funny to think about. Wether it be from a memory, a movie or something stupid I did and I hold it and a lot of the time, it makes me laugh and it helps to pick me up. Sometimes it is so hard though to do that cos all you feel is doom and gloom and just want to so much give up. But, often, if I stick with it, it works. It might not last for ages, but it helps me to know that even though it feels awful, it will be alright. Does that make sense? If you are finding it hard to fight the benefit system to claim what is rightfully yours, then maybe see if your GP can push orsince your under a mental health team like me, your CPN. They can also write a letter on your behalf expalining the distress this is causing you which is making your condition worse. If not, then maybe the Citizens Advice Bureau and see what they can do to help you, if they can get you advice to speed things up or advocate for you. With the flare, rest as much as you can and take it easy. When you are more able then you can do anything that needs to be done, but try and rest just now and let yourself heal. You know we are here :-) Sarah x

  • Thankyou all so much for your lovely comments and support x x x

  • I am so pleased that this has gone well for you. And I hope the flare ends soon. I am coming to the ned of a 7th week in flare and hoping its peak arrived this morning when I felt so odd xxxxxx

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