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had another bad week

morning all just recoverying from another bad flair up .my depression rose its ugley head again ,now on more tablets , i wont be on here a fewdays as going for a op on my ankle to take the plait and pins out , so hoping my fibro wont get bad again due to op, up early in morning as got to ring hospital to see if theres a bed first ,at 6.15 am , they wont do it at my nearist hospital but 40 mins away ,then be at wardfor 7 am , i will be asking for strong painkillers ,,only in for the day so going to get pamperd my partner and family ,

all have a good day x

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Hi tinkerbell

Bless you, you sound like uve been through the mill lately. So sorry to hear your in pain and feeling down :-( depression is such a cursed part of living with fibro isnt it? Many of us on here will know its cruel impact and the most frustrating and often frightening aspect is we can never be certain when its gonna hit. This makes us sooo vulnerable. Im sending a hug your way and will say a wee prayer that god comforts and cares for you and that ur mood improves soon xxx god bless and take good care Dixie x


hope everything goes ok which i am sure it will xx


hello tinkerbel hope everything goes well take care love beth x


hope all goes well. regards, sandra.


the operation went well ,got to rest now , back to hospital wensday for sticthes out. put on tramadol and morpheine tablets ,thankyou for all of your support,


So pleased the op went well for you Tinkerbell! That's good news! :)

Make sure you rest now to recover and get your strength back. Hope it goes well for you on Wednesday too, please let us know how it all went. Bless you! :)


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