What to do hurt so much

Morning all I need some advice please, some of you know I am waiting for a scan to see if I have gallstone and that is on fri now I have got up this morning in agony, I hurt so much I dont know if its my fibro or maybe gallstones. I am so tired after another bad night sleep. Now I have taken my painkillers so do I wait and see if the pain eases, should I call NHS direct? I have concidered going up to A&E but I worry they will keep me in and as a single mum I have noone to have my daughter. Her dad lives 200 miles away I also worry that they will just send me home saying there is nothing wrong and I will feel a right idiot, I do suffer with really bad depression and hate to bother anyone just like to know what others think thank you xxx

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  • Thank you Jules I havent been sick just feel abit sick.

    I dont have anone nearby that can help out and if they kept me in then someone would have to have Maddie overnight or longer and she has school and her SATs are coming up at school so she needs to go to school

    I have concidered asking her dad's girlfriend as she is up this way visiting her daughter

    the nearest walk in centre is just as far as the hosital

    I will ring NHS direct and see what they say I think

    thank you for your support, I know what I should do really its just my daughter that stops me really It is hard work being a single parent and being ill

    gentle hugs to you too xxx

  • Thanks Jules I will keep you posted I am going to ring NHS direct now and see what they say and then if necessary will get in contact with her dads girlfriend see if she can help out xx

    thank you xx

  • Ok so I have rang NHS direct they told me to ring my out of hours dr so did that told I have gallstone colic and there is nothing that can do to help apart from mophine and she wont give me that so i have to suffer til i have my scan and then I have to wait I give up

    just thought I would let you know


    Penny xx

  • HI penny, i am sorry you are in so much pain, its terrible that they are leaving you so long. If you had of went to a&e they could of maybe of done that scan for you.

    I hope you get some relief soon, thinking about you and sending a big hug.

    kel xxxxx

  • Hi Kel, I did concider going to A&E its just my daughter that stops me Thank you for your comment tho If it carries on I might go up to A&E first thing monday when Maddie has gone off to school gentle hugs

    Penny xx

  • It must be so hard doing it on your own, i really admire you for that.

    What will you do with maddie if you go in for a op if it is gallstones hun?

    Its a stress you could do without bless you.

    You rest and take it as easy as you can,

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • Hi Kel, it is hard when you are on your own but most of the time she is what keeps me going. I suppose it depends when they decide to do the op she is away for a week at beginning of june or if its sooner then she might have to go down to her dads just have to see what they say I suppose I dont worry about an op just want it to be over with now

    thank you for your concern its nice to know I am not alone with this

    gentle hugs

    Penny xx

  • Hi Jules,

    The pain is something else and thank goodness it is not so bad I will pass out just dont need that to happen to my daughter she would be so scared.

    I am just so fed up with it yes.

    I might go tto A&E on monday if the pain is no better by then at least I know Maddie will be in school for the day

    Thank you for caring

    gentle hugs

    Penny xx

  • hi fairlady: just wanted to let you know Iam thinking about you and your daughter Maddie, hope you can get a wee bit of rest & the pain calms down.

    Caring alot


  • Hi butterflygirl,

    Thank you very much for your comment and your caring.

    gentle hugs

    Penny xx

  • Hi Christine,

    I have to say I didnt find my out of hours dr very helpful, I think I will have to just grin and bear it for now but if it does get worse I will ring them again

    Thank you for your comment Life can be hard sometimes. I will keep you informed

    gentle hugs

    Penny xxx

  • Hi. You poor love. Could Maddie not stay with one of her friends? I am sure they would understand if you explained the situation.

    Hugs xxxxx

  • Thanks Pinkpig,

    I might go to A&E tomorrow (mon) and if I am longer than expected I am sure my neighbour will look after her, she has been away this weekend and back later so will ask her

    thank you for your comment


    Penny xx

  • Penny, please dont take offence but you must think of you health first because when you are fit you can take of Maddie she needs you to be fit, I have fibromyalgia, also had my gall bladder removed several years back but not the two together, I have also learnt that I treat a doc the same way he treats me, just because he has a white coat etc, doesnt give him a right to be abusive to me. I only wish I could help you more, but all the previous people care and so do I, my daughter had the same problems over easter with youngest needing a doctor, they wouldnt come out ended up at the A&E with scarlet fever, couple of days later with antibiotics well on the road to recovery. You shouldnt have to endure pain, when they can relieve you within minutes, lov Kathx

  • Hi Kath and thank you I sint take offence and you are right I do need to lok after myself and get better well with the gallbladder for myself and for Maddie. If I am better pain wise then it is better for her aswell as myself, I understand what you are saying about the dr, I am going to ring and ask if they can make my scan earlier if not I am going to A&E I cant carry on like this I need to be tougher on the dr's Thank you again for your comment it made complete sense hugs Penny xxx

  • Penny, I doubt if they will change the scan date, be strong, remember if anyone is talking to you (especial someone who is their to help) if not happy say your not happy on how they are speaking to you sometimes that can work, I learnt that from my 86year old mother one day when she was in with a doctor and she just wouldnt speak to him and ignored him wispered to me I dont like him and I bluntly put it to him she doesnt like you, his attitude did change and he was a little nicer to her, it worked for me too, as you get older I think you get braver. I sort of plan now with a back up plan, and because I have a plan things dont seem to get that bad. I get depressed, and get quite low, on tablets still waiting for them to work, but my daughter has booked for us to go to Disney Paris (I fear that I will let them down) wheelchair booked, will be here if you just want to talk also on fb, twitter, dont sleep too well either so most of my days are spent on internet, reading talking on the fone daughter, lov kathx

  • Hi Kath, I think having a plan is a good idea I suffer really bad with my depression and I have had it for many many yrs so I do tend to shy away and yes yes dr thats fine I can go home in pain, But I think a trip to A&E with a plan and how to handle it would be a great start Thank you thats has helped me, Thi I am not sure I am getting braver as I am getting older lol. It would be great to chat more I am on fb too lol and can understand not sleeping well

    gentle hugs

    Penny xx

  • Penny sorry but i have just seen this, so you rang the out of hours DR. Did the Dr come to see you at home or judt speak over the phone?

    Gentle hugs x x x Sue

  • Oh no she didnt come out just spoke to me and said the only other painkillers I could have was morphine and she wouldnt give me that said try a hot water bottle

    I am at dr for blood est first thing oh joy so I will ask to see duty dr as am emergency

    soft ugs to you too xxx

  • Penny that is awful the DR should have come out to visit you. Was it one from our surgery or a duty Dr? Ring at 8am to be put on same day list at medical centre.

    So sorry I am unable to help you out

    Hugs x x x

  • Thanks Sue,It wasnt one of our dr's not convinced it was a dr actually I have a nurse appt at 8.10 so I will be there for 8 when they open and I will see whoever is on in morning I will sit and wait dont care have to get this sorted. And no need to apologise hun I will get sorted one way or another I will let you know how I get on

    thanks for your concern


    Penny xxx

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