Chronic pain and CBD oil?


I've suffered from chronic pain for two years now and I really want to try CBD oil after reading incredible reviews. I wondered if anybody uses it here? In what form? The best value? And where you get it? After researching it torn between the vape or oil (under the tongue), I read some blogs stating some oil had a dual purpose and does both. I'm also wary of purchasing from a random site online.

I don't smoke and don't want to, I also don't have an endless flow off cash so I'd like something that can last the longest.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot 🙂

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  • I've got the mild CBD oil but it didn't do anything.

  • Didn't do anythink for me ,and it cost such a lot of money didn't think I would be able to keep getting it .so I didn't try for to long ,I would try it if I was you some people say it's really good with there pain , there's a couple of places online if you put in CBD oil should take you Straight there good luck. Suzey. X

  • I use an eliquid and got the CBD vape and it did nothing at all for my pain, but I have heard of people who it works really well for. I think it depends on the severity of pain and it's also supposed to kind of relax your body or something, my boyfriend used it and said he felt quite relaxed and he felt less stressed. Hope this helps x

  • It is very hard to recommend a supplier but what I would say is get the best CBD you can afford. There are some cheaper versions which are diluted and less likely to work. Look up sites in Netherlands who deliver and have a huge range.

    Yes many have had good results but like any alternative therapies, and drugs too, people react in different ways. So for some it does nothing.

    It doesn't stop pain but relaxes the tight muscles which create pain..It can give you a warm comfy feeling of well being.

    Be very careful too that the oil you buy doesn't contain any thc.. This is the part of the cannabis plant which is illegal in UK.


  • Hi Kind

    I have just purchased some and it is a vape.

    Lately having read and listened etc I decided I want to try it because I am tired of taking over 22 plus tablets a day! I know that there are some I can't get off but having heard that some pks... (painkillers) I have to give it a go.

    I decided to vape ( no I do t normally smoke either)

    It depends on the mg you get that is the strength i.e. 100 mg and I think up to 350mg... so I opted for 250 mg. personally I thought what's the point in paying for 100mg and it not working so go for middle strength.

    Also my thought was vaping might be a bit cheaper to try . I purchased a vape machine. It can't be a tiny one as the liquid is classed as 50/50 so that is thicker and needs a slightly more powerful machine. Also each machine has coils inside and they need to be replaced I was told approx every 2/3 weeks depending on use.

    Well I am only on my 3rd day vaping... it is all trial and error till I find the right amount of puffs as I say lol

    Yesterday I actually went without 4 pain killers and felt ok! I am NOT suggesting this will work for everyone.

    There is tincture.. that goes under the tongue.. but I thought that works out expensive and bottles didn't seem very big... also they did a gel but erm won't be enough lol

    I have heard there is a spray that goes under the tongue which I thought I'd prefer but don't know where to get... I went to a local shop where they sold it and had done for se real years.

    Of course I am still researching ... what convinced me to try it was YouTube and drs talking about it.

    Not sure if this post will be deleted ... but you can message me if you like.

    Healing blessings x

  • Thanks guys. I'm surprised so many haven't felt the benefit, but it's taught me to be cautious. I've found this U.K. Site useful;

    Link removed by Admin – Please feel free to private message this member for the link

    There are no reviews there but plenty of 5*s on their Facebook page. I'll keep looking into it and checking in here.

  • Hi Kind can you PM the link please x

  • I've got some free samples from cbd brothers online. I got the blue drops and purple tablets. I've tried the drops the last two nights. Definitely more relaxed which helps with pain and also helps sleep. I wasn't sleeping due to pain. If the daytime tiredness fade it'll be good. I don't know if the tiredness is the oil however as I've been flaring for a month.

    The free samples cost me about £5 postage. You can order two different types at a time. Nothing to stop you from keep ordering them. It sounds like some people keep in stock this way.

  • Hi, yes I use the blue edition drops. I use it when desperate because of the cost but found this works for me and I have tried others. Jill

  • I've been using the Blue oil from the CBD Brothers for well over a year now and I mostly sleep really well. I started using it after I was taken off 30/500 Co-Codamol and was told I could take the occasional paracetamol!! I couldn't cope without it.

    I've also tried the green paste, but have ended up using twice as much for half the price, so no gain there!

  • Hey thanks for your reply, this sounds the way forward but unfortunately it says there's no stock. Is this common? It felt too good to be true lol

  • They get new stock every week. I've just looked and the 10ml Blue oil and the Green paste are in stock.

    Everyone is different, so what works best for me, might not be best for you.

    Some people say the purple or the green work best for fibro. I'm currently using the green paste. I take the Blue capsules when I'm away.

    They are not allowed to advise you, but you can ask for samples.

    I like the fact that it is all organic and they also publish test results (and send them on a card).

    Andrew and his team are very good . I've been very happy buying from them.

  • Hi there, I use a medipen I got it about a year ago. I don't smoke but find the vaping ok. It helps relax my muscles and also helps me sleep, which in turn helps with my pain. I have about 10 puffs two to three times a day. I have managed to reduce my tramadol which I'm happy about, I hope you find an oil that helps you. Interesting to hear about the other options.


  • That's the one I am reducing and I have slept better...

    Healing puffs lol x

  • Hi - I've just started trying CBD oil. I've got the "purple" drops from CBD Brothers. I've seen better recommendations for them than anywhere else. I did really want to try the tablets but they appear to be out of stock at the moment. With these drops, you just put a drop in a drink like orange juice as it's water soluble.

    I didn't want to vape as I'm an ex-smoker and I was worried that doing that might make me want to start smoking again. I thought the tablets would be easier. To be honest, I've no idea what you're supposed to do with some of the things they sell - vape it? stick it under your tongue? rub it on? I've no idea! I haven't found much help about what to do so that's why I thought just taking a tablet was the best/easiest.

    So far, I've only tried it once. It didn't do much for the pain .. but it did make me feel so relaxed and sleepy that it kind of "muted" the pain a bit. I've decided the next time to try it last thing at night, to try to help me sleep. I'm hoping to wean off pregabalin (lyrica) this way.

  • Hey thanks, that's exactly where I feel I am now. Wanting to try it but am clueless where to start. I'm saddened the website is out of stock, they don't have anything. I understood their site better than others too (not to mention the freebie!) I'll keep looking elewhere I suppose.

    I know the vape is more efficient in the sense that it works so much faster, pills seem easier but I heard they have the less impact/results because it takes longer be absorbed. Do you find this to be true?

  • I honestly don't know which is better absorbed. I guess, as you say, vaping would be quicker. I think the drops I'm using are supposed to be quick too - but not at all sure though. I guess it's trial and error with all this? Good luck to you! :-)

  • Well..

    Vape .. is smoke as you know

    Tincture.. under the tongue

    Gel.. to rub in specific areas.

    Spray ... which I would like to find.. under the tongue.

    The only way to find the right one is pick the sellers brain like I did lol

    New laws came into play and no vaping oil is suppose to be sold over a certain size. .. but mine is 15 ml and think it is now 10 ml..

    No colour is suppose to be added to vaping oil unless it is the natural colour of the product .

    I asked about..

    Contra-actions ... none

    Condtra indications... none

    Munchies.... none

    Addiction... none

    Only think I wasn't sure about what they said is that you have to take it all the time everyday... is that a selling ploy... because if I am not in pain I don't want to use it.

    Lots of flavors

    There is one in Bath a place that sells it and if you can't afford it you contact them with what you can pay as they feel this natural product should be available for everyone... good eh!!

    Healing thoughts x

    Ps sorry if spelling mistakes no glasses on and predictive text x

  • Can I also add to this...

    CBD is a natural derived product where all the drugs we now take are synthetic drugs and do a lot of harm to our bodies.

    But don't stop taking all your meds straight away... it could be a shock to they system and we don't want you being ill.

    Sleep... now we all know how important this is to us.. not just to keep us going but mood wise and health wise! Our bodies do need time to recoup and they can't when they hurt can they! We get stressed this impacts us too and the only way for the body to start to heal is with meditation and sleep.

    I have slept so much better the last two nights. I am a born worrier even taking this... But if it helps me and it is natural... it will be one of my five a day lol

    Healing thoughts all xx

  • I tried it but too don't have deep pockets so was the oil strong enough? Helped a little with sleep. Possibly. Shame it is so expensive.

  • If you are paying for your prescription meds. it can work out about the same if you can come off those meds


  • Sorry only just come back to the site after some time yes I tried severalcbd oils from here and the Netherlands , only thing it do e for me was made me sleep, as amitriptolene does the same thing also permanent fatigue it was the last thing I needed, but did it work not like I expected I'd spent about, £70 pound on each one, but after 3/4 I gave up, I do think it's ok for some but not me, best of luck.

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