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Friday glorious sun bodes well for everyone :)

When I was small we never talked about the weather it was just there. Fine we would be out messing about on the farm - wet the same unless we baked. How simple life was! My Mum very rarely was anything but sunny unless she had a migraine bless her.

I find the begining of May is full of memories that over take me so I may not be about as much just the memories are powerful and I seem to need to pay creedance to them! So I may be here I may not but always I will think of you all. This year I am trying to go on a weeks holiday and that should make the time pass easily. Bonkers but I am going boating in Brittany - yes I am the captain - once I am aboard the boat things will be grand after all there is no where to walk just potter down a gentle river enjoying the birds.

I have been planning this foray for the last four months so it will be marvelous when every thing comes to fruition. Anchors away xgins oh I do have a Rheumy app next week

so I will let you know what he says! Be gentle on your selves!

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Aha you have sun today too so its not just me .... If you are about today you might like to practice steering a ship ... Though not the kind you mention ... But all practice has to be good...

True there isn't much room to walk on a boat but you can always fall overboard .so tie yourself to wheel and wear a big life jacket with a whistle oh and you need a captains hat so that if you do steer into trouble you throw the captains hat on someone else's head and look innocent

Looking forward to days of sun so I can potter in the garden

VG x


I am longing to potter in the garden even if it is not very long. It is so stimulating pulling the occasional weed. I have great areas of bishops weed to contend with and its other name has just gone whizzzing out of my head. I used to be really good at names in the garden now I stand and hum and ha trying to get my brain to open the right file. Frustrating of course but still my passion........... dont do to much xgins


Sounds wonderful. We had a fabulous boating holiday on the Thames a few years ago - never more than 20 miles from home, pouring rain for 2 out of 7 days, but really relaxing. I'm sure you'll really enjoy it. And as captain, you can just get everyone else swabbing the decks, and hoisting the mainsail - or whatever else needs to be done! Don't forget the rum ration! Save the ships biscuit as an emergency anchor. :-/


I have ordered some ships rations they will be surprised it is mostly red wine:) xgins


Grabs large glass and joins gins :)

It's sunny in Southampton, too - we had a heavy rainstorm in the night, but now the sun is shining and it looks a bit steamy out there. I managed a stroll in the park yesterday, and the sunshine and flowers were a real tonic.

Hope everyone has a sunny, happy day!

Moffy x


Morning Moffy

We fly into Southampton then after a nights pause fly off to france. I am looking forward to it - different from being here ! take care xgins


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