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boxes, boxes, boxes!

hi all, flying visit once again.

I'd need a month to bring you up to date - things are moving so fast now!

All of a sudden all of the services want to help me, better late than never! I've been seen by the memory doctor, following a home assessment, they have arranged a scan to see if I have anything inside my head besides cotton wool, I have that on Thursday, then the consultant is coming to see me at home a few days later - sounds a bit ominous to me! I've had OT here, today the physio came & gave me a good looking over, think she was 'orrible cos she made me try to lift, move, bend & stretch every joint, then gave me a telling off cos I was wearing very light slipper sox, told me that I should wear fitted shoes/ slippers to give constant support, she was great but couldn't seem to grasp the fact that swollen ankles, although horrible are preferable to wearing shoes. I almost scream in agony everytime I have to put shoes on. She's also strongly suggested that I use my tri walker when I need to move around, & not sticks, it's a shame though - it was a great thing for throwing my coats on! I think that it's only a pride thing stopping me, I feel really old already, pushing one of those walkers around is like validating it.

Anyway, other news........

My lease here is terminated on Fri 14th Dec & I am moving to Wells for definate! Well, I am now but yesterday I had a real wobble. I had time to kill after seeing the mmemory doctor, before my appointment with my GP, so I sat in the surgery for about 50mins. Of course that gave me thinking time - bad idea! The doctor had asked about family support but as you know there is none here at all so I was mulling this over in my head - by the time I got into the GP I was a snivelling wreck! I won't bore you with details but by the time I got back I'd decided the move was off. Well no, just the flat in Wells. I phoned up & worried my sis-in-law by asking her to put me up while I arranged my move to Exeter! I decided,as I usually do, to trust that I'll be shown what to do by 'the powers of the Universe' Mad maybe, but it works for me. So I phoned about viewing two flats that have been vacant for ages - they've both been taken! That was it - decision made for me!!!

I don't do things by halves. I decided to bring forward my new tenancy, paid over £1000 by phone & pick the keys up next week. I've even cancelled my phone here & to have a new one installed.


All this on top of packing, trying to organize the removal men & not dying of sheer exhaustion!

I can't even rest tomorrow because I've got to see a mental health support worker, which is stupid because I won't be here after next week, then a friend & her dog are coming over for coffee.

I think I'd better go to bed!

BTW huge apologies to those whos private messages I haven't replied to, big grovells, I will be able to catch my breath once I've moved. Roll on 2013 - I'm ready for you!!!!!!!!!

night night Cobweb xxxxx

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Few cobweb you sure don't do things by half.please be careful yoi don't over do it we don't want to hear you have ended up in hospital.I hope you are getting some help with your packing,I have all of this to look forward to next April. packing up a house n moving to another town,But i am getting married for the second time around to a really nice man i loved very much as i hve a lot of health problems,and he is so kind i cannot believe i would ever find love,or such a caring one at that,So at least i will have him helping with all my problems.Please keep in touch and let us all know how every thing goes for u.Take care. Fee


Cobweb, my goodness me! Make sure you make time to rest or you'll be worn out at this rate before the move! Take care and I hope it all goes smoothly for you.

I moved in late September and am still unpacking boxes lol!

Please let us know how it all goes! Rest, rest, remember to rest! ;)

(((hug))) xxx :)


Morning Cobwed you certainly dont do things by halves. Good luck with the move hope your new home is better for you and you are happy there.

Dont go to fast with the boxes and strain yourself will you--------------- gentle hugs (((((((((((((((_))))))))))))) I am so pleased for you xgins


Hi Cobweb!

Just reading this makes my head spin! For goodness sake rest, and let it all hang out

as often as you can. Deep breaths, and tackle things as methodically as possible, I

know from experience this is easier said than done. I had some useful advice last week,

imagine you have a parrot on your shoulder, repeating negative thoughts. In my mind,

whenever something unwelcome pops up, I grab the parrot, curse and give it a really

good thrashing! It's so theraputic, my parrot is now scraggy and nearly bald!

I hope you get settled in for Christmas!



I read that as 'I need a mouth' not a month lol, sorry. But it all seems to behectic for you and at this rate you are going to run yourself down before Xmas is even here. I wish you well in the move hun xxxxx


Omg cobweb, im exhausted listening to you, i started to clear my wardrobes and drawers a month ago so far ive managed 3 drawers,1 wardrobe, yesterday i attempted to put my xmas tree up turned into a marathon session, im now exhausted and in agony muscles so tense and painfull so exhuasted i couldnt even manage a bath which usually soothes me..

i wish you much happiness and sucsess in your move and an abundance of good health in your new flat. stay well hunni gentle hugsxx


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