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Hope I've done the right thing

I've not been on here much lately 'cos this damned flare just keeps on coming!

Because I've been so depressed, I know that my decisions haven't been the best.

Earlier this week I finally got my husband to agree a setlement over our belongings. He offered me a small sum of money & in return I signed away any rights over anything left in the house & garden. Although I'm relieved that it has been done, I'm worried because I did it without checking the legality of it all, I'm also bothered in case there is a way he'll be able to use it to lessen my rights, although I was very careful to state that the signed paper did not cover the house & land & that we had agreed to a 50/50 split.

Yesterday was also my divorce nisi & to celebrate I decided to look at different flats, as a mark of moving forward. That was all fine but because my head is still so porridge-like, I couldn't cope with more questions going on in there, so to rid myself of one worry, I traipsed all the way to Wells on the bus ( 1 hr 10 mins each way)& filled out the rental application.

I know that I need to move because I cannot cope with the terrain around Frome, it's hills & steps wherever you go. My family wanted me to move to Exeter, I'd been looking online for a flat there, it was all but decided, then I splash out all the money on a lease that I'm not sure about. But I'm so worn down, I just want everything to be calm!

Anyway I finally dragged myself back here & boy it was an effort. I receved a letter giving me an appointment for a CTscan on my head - I hadn't even been told I was having one!

I really don't know what's going on in my life at the moment, it feels like a very surreall film.

Oh & I splashed out £30 on a glass case for my crystals, which was really haevy & I really don't need another one! I certainly couldn't afford it either!

Oh & my debit card got refused yesterday because my PIN is locked. I must have entered the number wrong 3 times, but I can't get my fingers to go where I want. I need to get it unlocked but that means going to town alone & entering my number correctly twice!

Hmm I think I'll leave it for a few days.

Thanks for listening to my woes - again

a wooly headed, achey eyed Cobweb xx

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thanks sandra, it helps xx


Congratulations on you Degree Nisi. I'm glad you got all that sorted. I'm so relieved that you said you'd made sure the document didn't cover the house!Hope you find a super place to live soon. I imagine it's a beautiful part of the country where you live now but, not much use being surrounded by hills if you can't navigate them.

My brain is like porridge too. My OH is sat watching a psycho thriller and my poor brain can't follow it.

Healing thoughts, I'll send reiki to people when I've managed to heal myself

Storm x


sending you lots of hugs and hope to wooley head clears soon

Becky xx


Hi Cobweb,

Congrats on your Degree Nisi, (onwards and upwards from now on). I hope your scan goes well for you (nothing serious is found).

Good luck in finding a new home and hope it brings you lots of happiness.

Gentle Hugs

Bonnie Lass


Morning Cobweb,

Well done you now you have started a new path! Congratulations time to think about yourself dont forget write every thing down and what you spend dont waste the money hun. xgins


Good luck with things over the next few months.hopefully things will improve ....a big hug 2 you xxx


Aww you poor thing, Cobweb. You're under alot of stress just now and doing 2 of the most difficult things - divorcing and relocating. I did the same thing last year and understand only too well the pressures of having to make life-changing decisions and also deal with financial issues.

Now that you've signed the Lease, all you can do is see how things go in your chosen location. I hope you can also get some help via your new doctor to help with the depression. I know how hard it is to deal with illness, a divorce and a new location - you need help and should not feel shy of asking for it via your GP.

Keep posting. Keep in touch with your family. And be kind to yourself x


Things may seem tough now Cobweb, but hopefully the worst is over for you and things will start getting better. You can look to the future now and freedom! :) xxx


thanks for all your supportive comments. Things just seem to be going where they want to, leaving me in their wake!

I'm really happy about the divorce but now have more problems (see my new blog) I've been inundated with phone calls today but not the one I want & to make matters worse, they are playing chritmas songs on the radio!!!!! I know I suffer with bad fibrofog but the last time I looked at my calender it was definately still November!

HO-HO-HO, maybe I should join in - Santa always looks cheerful, but I think that's probably only the sherry -hic!


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