Positive news

Real quicky blog today 'cos my eyes are really bad so I'm going to curl up in bed. I had to share this with you all.

I've had an amazing day. WHAT I hear you cry!!!!


I got a phone call from Atos. My assessment was due tomorrow. I've had an advocate pushing for a home assessment. Between us we've rung the medical centre in Bristol (advocate got them to give him the direct number) I rang yesterday because I was panicking. My appointment had been put back once already & they won't allow a 2nd delay. Well the girl was polite but offered to defer it again - apparently it's ok for them to do it. She told me that they were still considering my home visit!

When she phoned today I expected her to give me a new date - but - ta da- drum roll---

They won't be needing to see me for any assessment at all. The letter from my GP was thorough enough & gave them all they needed to make their decision. I don't need to go through it after all the weeks of worrying!

I was elated & really relieved. I phoned my advocate to tell him & he asked if I needed help on anything else. Well I've been trying to pin down my estate agent into telling me whether my tenancy application was passed, the referencing has taken ages! Anyway he offered to phone for me - & got a positive answer ! So yes I am finally going to be moving next month.

And there's more

As you know I've been waiting forever for a memory assessment, today I get a call to say she'll be coming to my home to do the test this Thursday.

And theres more.

I had an OT lady come today to assess me for any home aids I might need 'cos I lost everything when I left my house 6 months ago. When I explained about my forthcoming move she did the assessment on me but is leaving the house aids bit for after I move.

She was really lovely. She stayed for over 1+1/2 hours, she listened to my ramblings & just chatted then said that when I move she wants to be the one to do the follow up.

How about that for a good day?

So the moral seems to be that good news is like buses -you wait for ages then three com at the same time.

I can't remember who suggested getting an advocate or who put me onto Age UK total advocacy but thankyou & thankyou all of you who have kept my spirits up, hopefully I've turned a corner now.

I think I may sleep well tonight

Hope the goodluck fairy visits you all tonight

cobweb xxx

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  • Congratulations Cobweb, I am so pleased for you, you must be feeling on top of the world right now. It's wonderful to read so much good news. I hope your move goes well for you


    Em xx

  • So pleased for you Cobweb, that's great to hear! Best of luck with your move, keep positive! :) (((hug))) xxx

  • What wonderful news Cobweb. Let's hope that some of your luck rubs off on the rest of us now! Good luck with your move and everything else. I am so glad that your luck has changed. Jane x

  • I am so pleased for you cobweb well done! and thanks for sharing it.



  • Oh my goodness I am so thrilled for you may lady luck continue to shine down upon you amd god bless your earth angels (g.p. advocate online buddies etc)! as they've been hard at work on your behalf. Enjoy your good fortune take care xx

    Dixie x

  • I am really glad that you don't have to go through it, i unfortunately do at 9am. At least i am at my worse in the mornings maybe i should turn up in my pajamas. I tried to get a home visit but it just wasn't happening. But some good news i finally got my DLA back pay HRM and LRC all the way back to Feb Hugs x

  • congrats on the DLA ! good luck for esa.


  • At last Cobweb you have marvelous news and I am so pleased for you. It does indeed seem to be like buses doesn't.. It so wondrfulto know there are people out there who really care and do positive things. gentle cheerful hugs (((((___)))))) xgins

  • Cobweb it is so nice to hear good news for a change,well done to you and i hope your move goes smoothly. sylvi.xx

  • Now thats what I like to hear, It can be done although not as often as it should be. We had this with my elsedst son after a 18mth fight to have his money re instated, when his diagnosis of autism came through, what do you know! got a letter re enstated all of his benefits.

    WELL DONE cobweb xxxxxx

  • Great news, great result!

  • ayyy cobweb that is great & i believe hime visits should be done too as it can be so difficult and frustrating for many who cannot really get out but have to!

    There should be a line between illness and abilities and a DR's letter should be suffice (wow big word for me ) lets face it when your passed pillar to post and tests etc why would anyone put them self through it for the fun of it, then to be turned down as many are.

    Advocate is great to help you (i think of exotic drink when say that hmm)

    I use my hubby because i can not think straight anymore and concentration etc but not everyone is as fortunate.

    Really glad you got your move too! These days its bidding etc and if do so many and dont get you end up then with no choice.

    Instead of building all these stupid woiden houses (which look ok to start) my friend has one .which then look rotten after a while they want to build plots of bungalows and help all those in need. They build all these new houses in swarms that you can see in each others bedrooms & draws lol

    Yet theres never any properties for those who desperately need them.

    I live in ex council house which i bought and there is land behind and tons in front where old houses got knocked down if anything i be happy for little bungalows for the disabled to have move into (only cos i may eventually need one haha)

    Anyways ohps sorry cobweb sidetracked and chatterbox be my name so so pleased for you :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • That is fantastic to here, well done for keeping going. Finding the right support is half the battle. Hope you had a great sleep :)

  • Wonderful news, nice to wake up to something positive. Maybe the sun will come out too lol xx

  • great news cobweb. can i ask what is an advocate?. i am movin too soon in dec. not really lookin forward to it as its all the packin, i do have 2 teenage girls and a partner. but its still a very stressin time hey, i am feelin very down at the momant too. just cant seem to brush it off. am in pain all the time, even after takin my meds, sorry to go on, well done you, xx

  • hi sandycat, sorry to take so long to answer, I haven't been on line since I wrote.

    An advocate is someone who helps you to speak out for your needs. They tailor what they do to each individual. I got one through age uk as I'm old & creaky but I know that CAB often help in this way. My advocate kept phoning Atos on my behalf & offered other suggestions, it was him who was pushing for a home assessment. I can normally speak up for myself but I was out of my depth & he sorted things out for me. If you need some help, ask at CAB, if they can't do it, I'm sure they will be able to point you in the right direction.

    Good luck xx

  • wow, great Karma. x

  • simple suggestion, if your eyes are that uncomfortable are you using any lubricating eye drops. They come in different forms, some very watery and only of benefit if your eyes are slightly uncomfortable. Others are thicker, more soothing - your optometrist can advise and if you receive free medical prescriptions some are available free to you.

  • thanks for the suggestion but I've tried all sorts of eye drops. The optometrist can't sole the problem, so I'm on the waiting list for the eye ospital


  • Brilliant cobweb x really pleased for you x

  • So pleased for you. It is always so good to hear good news as it gives all the rest of us hope. Thank God there are some lovely people out there and luckily you seem to have hit the jackpot. Well done! Onwards and upwards from now on. Hopefully all will go well with your move and at least you will have a nice lady to help you with things once you are settled. Good luck with everything. Hope today is going well for you as well. Love and gentle hugs. XX

  • congratulations so pleased for you xx

  • bless you cobweb so so pleased things are going so much better you really do deserve it, take care of yourself and no bouncing on the bed in excitement ha ha xx

  • As you can see we are all so pleased for you. When we have a good day it is fab, makes us feel so much better xxxxx

  • made up that things have took a good turn and now things can only get better congratulations cobweb xxx

  • Well done cobweb, that's fantastic news! I was lucky & got DLA on the strength of a letter from my G.P.:-) I'm going to get myself on the housing list soon in case I lose my current place (mortgaged). Good luck with the rest of the process & I hope your move goes well;-) Hugs xxxxxx

  • Can't wait till I'm 50 and can get an advocate like yours! Hope your eyes are well enough to read all these congrats messages! Brilliant news for you.

    Hugs xxx

  • any one can apply for an advocate through your local council web site.


  • can you please explain what an advocate is and does , so pleased you had good news all mine is doom and gloom x

  • hello,

    could anyone tell me how to find an advocate please, i really need help with this process, as i'm sure we all do

    thank you

  • see my reply above and cobweb's reply to sandycat.



  • Well done you! There is hope! Gentle hugs. X

  • hi cobweb, thank u very much for your help about an advocate, i will try and get to c,a,b, xx

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