Just a bit fun :)

Quiz: Myths and Facts About Your Moods

Just a bit fun :)
Quiz: Myths and Facts About Your Moods


Okay another quiz for you, this time about moods and what is a myth............... You'll be very surprised by this quiz I thought I knew my stuff but was caught out by a few this time only getting 9 right :o


(This link is from a Web Md newsletter last reviewed March 06, 2011)

How do you score? Looking forward to reading your comments :)

Remember positive thinking is essential to help us through the pain and here's a link with some hints for every aspect of daily life in mind: 100 Positive-Thinking Exercises That Will Make Any Patient Healthier & Happier

Published on Tuesday August 19th , 2008 RN Central.com


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  • 46 percent, learnt a little of info i never knew there. Question 1 threw me.

  • Yeah! I thought I knew my stuff............ there's a few Q's to throw us off :o

    Educational for me too :D

  • I managed 76% interesting thanks for putting it on zeb. xgin

  • 50 then 100 yee haa lolxx I re-took it

  • Hahahahaha I always do too and get 100% LOLOL


  • RESULTS: Not bad, but you have room for improvement. 62percent

    The seasonal disorder was a complete surprise as i associate it with winter blues.

    Thanks for post.

  • me too that one caught me out :o

  • and me

  • I got 9 right, I did look at the percetage but forgot it :(

  • I can't remember either and I got 9 too :o

    .............maybe someone else will get the same score and post the % :)


  • 9 is 69% - I got that too x

  • Cheers LBA :) xxxsianxxx :)

    How are you doing today? :)

  • I'm ok thanks honey. Tired, had a bad night, so looking forwards to bed time :D! How are you? :) xx

  • I was up and wide awake by 4am after a full 3.5 hour sleep cycle don't know how I'm still awake ? :o ?

  • Ooh :o sounds muchly like me. Maybe we are just high on life (*snorts*)? Or sleepwalking/talking? ;) xx

  • Maybe both ;)

    I'm feeling a tramasnooze lurking now, which is good. Going to put the winter olympics on and let the drone of the commentators put me to sleep LOLOLOL

  • The octonauts have just arrived so I'll be searching, rescuing and protecting invisible sea-life all afternoon :o! Enjoy your snooze xx

  • :) xx

  • I only passed 6, oooops,,,, guess I'm out of touch of my inner being. My biggest surprise was the SAD one too.

    I am trying out my new SAD light, but going by those figures it's not working! :)

  • That one surprised me as well

  • Q100 sleep on a problem! wish I could!! Very good advice given though .

  • huh! i only got 8 right lol

  • Don't be sad its just for fun and to be honest its hard this quiz with way more tripper uppers than others I've posted.

    Do what I did and take it again to get the 100% :) I was pretty miffed at only getting 9 but hey! I learned a few things :)

    Fluffies on route to you with sunshine and healing xxx

  • hey, im not sad :) just thick lol, no really,it was a bit trickier than the others though,i might take it again,not that il remember the answers tho,i just don't take things in, il give it a go & let u no xx

  • I only got 7, a few of them caught me out!

  • just retook it & got 10 right,i guess my brains not functioning properly :) xx

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