Awake and grumpy!!!!!

Uped my dose of duloxatine yesterday morning to 60mg, in preparation to introduce amitryptalin in a week or so, I'm awake due to delightful daughter coughing and dog barking, I was in deep sleep, first time in ages, I'm so grumpy and peed of, and I don't know why, Just feel on the edge, I spoke to my elderly neighbour who is disabled and has a lot of painful conditions, she understood why I haven't visited lately, she's not on her own by the way, she she gets short tempered and grumpy so she understands, well I don't understand and I don't like this person that's evolving in me, the happy bright spirited women is disappearing fast out of my control, and I'm on here moaning which I don't like doing

Love from grumpy nicki xxxx

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  • Morning nicki.

    Hey sometimes you need to just come on here and be grumpy and off load.

    You do have the right.its horrible living with this and then going without sleep too.

    We all get grumpy at times.its only natural.x

  • You do know Sammy that grumpy isn't the word I'd like too use:-)!!!!

    Nicki xxxx

  • Morning Nicki,

    I think when some one or something wakes us up and we havent had time to work around our bodies slowly gauging it for soreness we can be grumpy. Do not worry about the moan that is what we are here for...... Get a nice cuppa and come too and you will feel less snappy and more in control. Here is a gentle hug to set you on your way ....() :) see your smiling and relaxin now xgins

  • Thanks gins, still grumpy:-) !!! Hope you have a peaceful day flower xxx

  • Hi, honestly after suffering from sleeplessness like so many on here and then finding something that actually gives you some deep sleep to be woken from that suddenly you have every right to feel off. I have meds for a year now and they make me sleep so I have had a year of sleep ... In the height of Summer my husband had a fit of sneezing in the early hours woke up me and my son... Although it wasn't my husbands fault my body really felt wrong all day due to being woken out of that deep sleep and I eventually got up cos sleep wouldn't come again... The next night was good again... Here's hoping your increase in meds gives you some more nights of sleep.... And if you are woken up suddenly you will feel out of sorts cos you need that deep sleep but please don't feel guilty about it... If we could control our bodies I am sure we would all cure ourselves of fibro

    Hugs VGxx

  • Sometimes it's good just to rant and blow off steam. Coming from someone who can not actually remember the last time I slept a night through I know how grumpy that can make you feel, it also makes all the pain worse and less able to bear it. If you can't rant on here at times when everyone is going through the same where can you lol.

    Rant away and hugs :)

  • Morning, can't say how I really feel as il be banned:-) !!!! Xx

    Nicki xxxx

  • I know its just so horrible. I sometimes find that one moment i am fine, the next I am snapping my partner or friends head off. I end up hating myself for turning into this sort of monster. Then I get upset and start crying, that in turn sends others thinking 'whats wrong now'. Went to see Sweeney film yesterday. I know that I have a problem sitting but I took my doughnut ring and pillow plus walking stick/stool to put legs up on. However, it was totally hell coz went to different cinema which doesnt have seats that lean back or kids seat for me to put feet on. I must have got up at least 50 times, I am not exaggerating.. I have to keep moving my legs and body around to different positions. Just as well that there were only a handful of people in cinema so dont think I bothered anyone. If it wasnt so painful it would be funny. Ha, Ha

  • I get that in the cinema, I take the kids I look after once a week, and I'm figiting the whole time, have to have an aisle seat, hope the film was worth it :-)

    Love nicki xxxx

  • thanks nicki, it does help to know that we are all in the same boat. love laurie x

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