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Sleep??? Whats that then???

Getting so sick of my awful sleeping pattern now! No matter what time i go to bed i am awake within an hour, wide awake for 30 - 45 mins then back to a very broken sleep all night.

Really doing my head in now, tried many different things to help me and nothing seems to work so its looking like i may have to ask for some medication for it which i really didnt want to do as i dont want more drugs in my body but the lack of sleep is effecting everything! my pain seems worse, work is hard and as i suffer from tourette's i makes that worse. i dont shout and swear like how tourette's is normal thought of by people but i twitch and have ocd. my twitches are all over my body so when i am having a bad pain day and need to rest my twitches take over and also make me in more pain as i cant sit very still!

all i want is one decent night sleep and i think that will sort me out but its not happening!

ah well!


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I've taught kids with the Tourettes twitches - actually two delightful brothers; the twitches are so frustrating aren't they? They used to have them more often and with greater strength if they were tired or stressed. Often wonder what happened to them when they left school.

I was having a sleepless episode last night - what eventually did the trick was massaging some body butter into my feet, legs, knees, hands arms and shoulders .... after all that I went off like a light and smelled of body shop passion fruit! So maybe a relaxing massage - not as good when you are doing it to yourself I know.

Julie xx


hi julie - very frustrating! i have had it since i was 9 but only diagnosed at 22 (im 26 now) the medications never worked for me, they were very strong and made me very ill so i would rather live with the twitches! its hard when my back and hips are sore and my legs are kicking out or the same with my hands.

im finding when i wake up im am itchy all over and hands and feet are slightly swollen. i only had 2 solid hours sleep last night (well this morning at 6am!) tossing and turning all night!



To be honest I suspect my son-in-law has very mild un-diagnosed Tourettes, when he is tired or stressing he will get a sudden quite violent twitch in this neck and throw his head round ... worries me if it happens when he is holding the baby ... but mentioning it stresses the lad out totally!



could well be although there does tend to be a lot more than one thing. every part of my body twitches, you think of a part and my body will be twitching it! i also have vocal tics, i clear my throat, cough and sniff, these are different to coprolalia which is the shouting and swearing. there is a huge checklist that a doctor goes through before making the diagnosis and if you do a certain amount of things on the list )cant remember how many) then you have tourettes! quite a simple test for such a complex problem! x


I agree it's not nice is it this not sleeping, I have been backwards and forwards

For the last few hours, then decided to go in the spare room now

I think I have dust up my nose and running eyes I know dirty woman

But husband was meant to hover behind the bed last week, I really

Must train him he does not see above his head or on the floor.

I have taken a sleeping tablet does not work either, I was told once that

People who did not sleep were very intelligent,I believe that was a lie

As no matter how many nights I lay awake and that is most nights I

Still can't spell. But I am very good at ...?..? Have to think about that

One ,

Every one is suppose to have an angel to look after them at times

I think mine does not work at night as I have been asking her every

Night to help me go to sleep, maybe I have been looking at the wrong

Place when I speak to her maybe she on the other side of the room

I will try again and if it works then I will not be back as I will be asleep

Well as I can't sleep I can wish I hope my angel is patric swazie may

Not have spelt that write, now I will have to get out of bed and brush

My hair in case it's him. Not sure I can cope with him my legs don't

Work well, I believe he had problems with his knees so together we

Will made a good couple.

I know I have written rubbish, that is what not sleeping does to

The brain


thank you for making me smile :-)

hopefully my angel is george clooney - maybe i should follow in your footsteps and give my hair a good brush!



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