The weirdest thing,my whole body felt as frozen as ice!

The weirdest thing happened earlier,my partner had gone out to the local to watch I band play and in was going to go with him but changed my mind,didn't feel great and I new I wouldn't stick the noise for long so I thought I would do a bit of paper work for a while and then just chill..though I didn't think literally! Before I'd even looked at any paper work I thought I'd just sit for a while,anyway I could feel my eyes closing so I thought I would just go with it and nodded off for about 20 mins, I came to quite quick feeling realy cold,I don't know why this happened as I had a body warmer on and the heating had been on since 3,what I really mean by cold was actually freezing! my whole body was shaking,I got up and stumbled to the kitchen to make a hot water bottle and tea,I went upstairs and put my dressing gown on top of my clothes,I went back downstairs and whilst waiting for the kettle to boil I stood in the kitchen and iv never felt my body shake so much,there was waves of coldness running down my body,it was awful,my teeth and lips were chattering and alls I kept saying was 'I'm cold so cold' I was pacing like mad,I went into the sitting room and wrapped a fleece throw around my waist and some gloves on,my whole body was out of control with coldness,I had gone pale and felt like I was going to collapse with the ice cold that was running through my body,then the pain in my back was unbearable,it was like my muscles had gone into spasm,I laid back on the sofa as I felt like I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore,the urge to sleep was so strong that I went out light a light,I slept for an hour and a half,when I woke it was like nothing had ever happend,its really difficult to explain how cold i felt,my whole body shaking violently,I feel fine now,it was such a strange feeling,I would be interested to know if this has happened to anyone else?...Julie xx

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  • That does sound like a strange experience Julie. I think problems with body temperature are fairly common with Fibro though. I often feel too hot and start to sweat suddenly for no reason and today I couldn't get warm even though the heating was on. I got into bed just to warm myself up for a while.. You were obviously very tired when this happened so perhaps it was your body telling you to take a break. If it happens again it might be worth discussing with your GP just to give them the chance to check that all is well. Take care and keep us posted! Jane x

  • You need to see your GP about this Julie, any unexplained symptoms should always be discussed to ensure you get the correct treatment or tests to check for other conditions or illnesses etc.

    We are renowned with Fibro for having dodgy thermostats and regulating temperatures, one minute hot, the next cold, but the symptoms you describe need checking out.

    Please let us know how you get on, take care. (((hug))) xxx

  • Hi honey, i have suffered that twice in my life both times nearly called an ambulance, nothing got me warm i only sought the doctors on the 2nd time and it was a sinus infection. But Liberty is right you must go see your doctor because it may not bewhat i had and therefore needs looked into. Take care xxxx

  • I just thought I would let you know that after last nights strange body temperature going mad I am fine today,I will certainly keep an eye on this and will mention it to my Dr next time I see him,it was very strange,rachie7879 left a comment that she too has had this exsperience so that kind of makes me feel a bit better knowing its not just me! Thanks ladygreenfingers for asking how I am today...Julie xxx

  • I know how it feels to feel like you are a block of ice, beent here so many times, even happens on boiling hot days. I know it is part of the fibro so Iaccept that and normally go and run a warm bath. I keep the bathroom door shut while it runs as it warms the bathroom up quicker too. But even then that does not always work for me and I lay in bed, on top of a duvt and under one plus a crochet blanket, and still dither like a naked eskimo. Fibro loves us so much xxxxx

  • Your right about 'fibro loves us so much'! Sometimes I cannot believe how many symptoms we have to suffer and how varied they are,I think a 'block of ice' is exactly how it felt!

  • Ahhh I have been a block of ice so many times Fosters beer offered to take shares out in me for their fosters ice lol xxxxx

  • Thats so funny ozzygirl,its good we can laugh at

  • Yeah the other day my son was on a go slow putting the Xmas deccies up in his flat and I said to him 'Jeez David at this rate we could breed and raise our own turkey', my daughter in law was in stitches xxxxx

  • My partner has just looked at me like I'm mad cause I just laughed at my I-pad...that's sooo funny

  • Well you have heard of the quick brown fox, they call me the quick witted woman as everyone says I am very quick with the answers, if only I was as quick at typing them lol. In the Asda cafe some years ago my son said 'where will we sit mum?' I replied 'on a chair' and the woman behind the counter was laughing hysterically. It took me a while to find out why she was laughing, she said because it was such a quick reply and she was not expecting it. Now if the rest of me could be this quick it would be problem solved. I will not be cooking the turkey as I have a habit of chucking things on the floor rather than putting them in the oven. Hubby says he does not want hairy turkey(big dog moults a lot). I thought he said he did not want 'herby' turkey! xxxxx

  • It's gud to have you on here with such a great sense of humour,makes the day seem so much

  • I am the one that when the hubby blew himself and his drill up, dropping it on my dishes and blowing him across the hall and landing with his feet up the front door, I rushed out to check my dishes and left him there lol xxxxx

  • This happened to me the other night I was up till 8am freeezing had faux fur throws, blankets heat warmers cups of tea and the heating on the next day i felt normal :S

  • Hi kennocha,wow this is really weird this happens,mine didn't last all that long but poor thing,it must have been awfull to suffer for such a long time,thank goodness it's not something that happens all the time..x

  • Hi all been there my self and when I told hubby he just says its not cold where I reply I'm cold he's still adamant that its not cold I know ITS not cold I say AGAIN BUT I AM oh he says i'l get you another blanket , men some times they just don't hear what your saying

  • Not sometimes they don't's most of the time! Sorry didn't mean that chaps...only jokin lol seriously though it is a horrible feeling,if I'm 'cold to my bones' I will go and have a bath however this time its a good job I didn't because i fell asleep for quite awhile and being the only one in the house anything could of happened!..xx

  • I've been experiencing this now for 9 to 10 years and now I fear getting cold. I found away to convey this feeling, and I'm sure this will help any of you reading this.

    Most of us has experienced being so cold shivering and getting into a hot bath or jacuzzi and literally feeling your body thawing out instantly. Imagine just the opposite. Intense overwhelming hypothermic cold in an instant. That is what I feel.

    It's gotten worse but I've lived with it now for a long time and I know when it's comming on I prepare new friends and the people I'm around for this to happen. My kids and friends will take off their coats sweaters ect. And I have to be covered up, but I can't move literally can not move hand me a blanket I can not cover myself up. Eventually I can't even talk. And I'm just now looking this up. Thank you

  • I get Chest crushing cold though out my body so bad if dont get into a hot shower . I can't breath . I have pains all over my body all the time . i feel like Im going to die all the time but, I don't . this happens on a regular basis mostly in cold weather . I have never been diagnosed with fibro they cant find out whats wrong with me . I cant take it anymore if you know what I mean . Im tired .

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