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Loss of bodily control

I had a very scary experience on Saturday 23.03.13 I was first experiencing electric like feelings when I blinked, then it shot down both my arms them my legs, which then left me out of control of my body....I could not walk, my whole body was shaking like I had full blown MS, my hands were out of control, I could not stand or walk without serious support from my husband, but my whole body was jerking around, Hubby wanted to take me to A&E, I just said 'This is it' has anyone had any episodes similiar to this? if so how long did it last, mine lasted 2 days, then went as quick as it came.

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That's unusual, Dizzy! I think you should get this investigated. It may be a drug reaction, but you shouldn't ignore severe symptoms like this.

Moffy x


A few weeks ago while sitting at work, I had what I can only describe as someone turning the power off in my head for a split second, like a quick flick of a light switch, I then felt dizzy and like out of my body for about 10 to 20 seconds, have never had anything like it before or since.

I'd be inclined to get it checked out Dizzy


vbomber1 , Hi, are you on an ssri drug by any chance? It sounds like what I experience when I miss a couple of doses of citalipram. Like an electric shock in your head or like someone has picked you up and moved you or like getting of a fairground ride?


Hi spidey, the only drug i take at the moment is Dihydrocodeine and only in the evening.

your description is about right though, think I may mention this to the neurologist if I ever get to see him.


Thank you everyone, i think i will now get it checked out with nuro consultant and gp xx gentle hugs peeps ;)


hi yes i have exactly the same thing in last 3 weeks i have had 3 days were i have not had them. i have about 4 to 5 a day my husband keeps a diary. i suggested to him to camcorde them so i could take it to the g.p i can have them at any time i avoid to much t.v lights and long conversations my g.p has reffered me to a neurologist i am a chronic fibromyalgia sufferer i cant remember alot of mine cant even rememer mine most of the time try and not worry because as scarey as they are you do come out of them.


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