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All my body hurts, I was ok yesterday, well as ok as any fibro sufferer can be hey?

Hi fibro friends,

This probably sounds a silly question, so please excuse me, my fibro fog is very bad today!! I had my usual fibro pains yesterday, where I can hardly walk and my back hurts, but got up today, worked a little while, (I have my own business, me and my family run from home). By mid morning, I just couldn't do anymore, I hurt sooooo much, my whole body hurt so much and I felt so weary and body tired, I had to go to bed, and I've been there all day. I've tried to get up several times, but I cant, my body hurts soo much, and I feel so weak. Does anyone else have days like this? It scares me, as in my head, I want to fight it, and get up, but I can't my body hurts too much. Sorry for ramble, finding it hard to write it down. Thanks for reading. X :-)

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Hi Lizzyear,

So sorry your in so much pain today...I think we all get scared at times, i know i do.

Yesterday like you i started to get a horrible pain between my shoulder blades and woke not being able to walk without my stick, I've been in bed for most of the day but even the quilt fills heavy on my body..

I'm now wide awake not knowing what part of me hurts the most.....Lol i know my nose dos'nt hurt so i guess thats a good sign...

I guess we are doing the night shift!!!!

If your worried you should see your doctor tomorrow. I know that sometimes all i do is sleep i can get out of bed walk to the end of the bed, sit down and then wake up again a few hours later not remembering even getting up, sounds funny when you tell someone but its not...

I hope tomorrow your be feeling some what better than today.

Take care of yourself, gentle hugs viv xxx


Hi Lizzyear

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling in this way, and that you find it so upsetting. I think most of us have this from time to time, and it is just one of the horrid things about Fibro. If it gets too bad I would discuss the issue with your GP, as you never know if there is something else going on that is adding to your Fibro?

Take care and hope you feel better soon.

Ken x


Good morning Lizzyyear,,,,,,,,,sorry to hear you are having a bad time

I too have been awake most of the night with pains and the inability to sleep, just so tired and only a slight relief from pain taking painkillers,

I am wondering if the weather is making my Fibro so bad at the moment , I know atmospheric pressure affects my osteoarthritis ,,,,,,,,anyone else feels this may be so ?

I have been restricted to the house now for day's as the pain in my leg muscles / shin bones and knees don't allow me to walk very far at all, also shooting pains through my feet with both my heels numb,,,,these are things that have been happening to me for years now and am totally fed up with it !

Not to mention the Fibro fog, no focus whatsoever,,,,,,,,,,,,,

My only consolation is I know this really bad stage will pass but I have to say the time scale of any reduction in symptoms is getting less and less

Hope all of us have a better day today :-)


Morning you have my sympathy days like this are the pits. I think time and experience has led me to just accepting bad days go to bed dont fight relax coddle yourself sleep if you can remember there is tomorrow to come and you will feel better when the episode has run its course.

Take care

keep smiling xgins


Good Morning Lizzyear,

I totally know where you are coming from. My fibro started 4 years ago following a course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy to treat invasive breast cancer (I'm good now-all gone). Every day and indeed 24/7 the whole of my body other than my head is in total bodu pain. Mine started symetrically initially in my thighs and within no time travelled throughout my body. Because of the cancer, many scans tests etc were done all of which came back normal which for me was good hence being then diagnosed with fibro. Four years on it is horrendous but I'm a very independant person and think to myself its not going to beat me which is a task in itself. I hope my story has helped but please do go and see your doctor for it to be logged. Take care... keep strong and positive. Xx


Thank you all for your replies. It is so comforting to know you understand, and although I obviously wish all of you were not in pain and didn't have fibro, your experience and words have settled my mind a bit. I seem unable to rationalise anything when I am in one of the flares. I managed to drop off to sleep a bit, but unfortunately have woken up feeling just as much pain.. Hope you all have a better day and thank you once again for taking the time to reply. X


Hi Lizzyear :)

Yes I do and like you I always try to fight it but in the essence of it all I think it is better to listen to our bodies when fatigued to that extent as it is telling us we need to rest up and heal a little, recharge our batteries. Hence the fact we turn to lead and cannot get up :o My experience of course!! :)

Maybe practising some relaxation techniques could help you to recharge a little and also pacing your activities through using the spoon theory or another method suitable to your needs.

Hope you don't mind me giving you a few links this first one is to one of my guided imagery relaxation posts from the past :)

Here's the link to the spoon theory :)

This is taken from our Mother site from the about fibro section Lifestyle Adaptations you can download this page as a printable Fact Sheet

{{{{{ Lizzyyear }}}}} sending healing fluffies and smiles to you and hope the fatigue wears off soon for you :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Lizzyear I have weeks like this

I have just come out of a bad

flare that lasted 2 months. Don't

try to push yourself it will only

Make it worse. Let your body rest

Try not to work against it. It will

Eventually pass. Hope you feel

better soon. X


Sometimes that happens. Just listen to your body and rest. Maybe you've been doing too much lately. Rest and sleep as much as you can. I call it an attack. Fibro attack. Hope you feel much better soon.


Thank you for your replies. I know I should listen to my body more............hard habits to break aren't they? Before fibro diagnosis, I just kept going, thinking I must be so lazy always feeling wrecked. But not having quite so much 'fog' today! X


{{{{{{ lizzyyear }}}}}}

xxxx sian


Really sorry to hear you are having such an awful time right now. It can be so overwhelming. To echo what everyone has already said please try to rest up. ..don't fight it will end. Started with awful flare myself on Monday. Horrible. Hoping will ease off very soon. Have you got pain relief? Zebs has sent you good links which I hope will help

Take care. X


So sorry you are suffering so much!!! Have you tried a pain clinic? It saved my life. I still have pain but at least it's bearable. Hope this helps sweetheart!!!! xxxx Mitzi


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