involuntary muscle twitching, tremor

Has anyone else had any muscle spasms or twitching. Over the years of my fibro many things have happened to me such as, pains in areas I didn't know I had, hot and cold flushes, stiffness in muscles, the list go's on and on. Tonight well for the last hour at least I have had the most horrible twitching and jerking in almost every muscle of my body. I had the odd episode of tremor, shaking or twitching call it whatever you will, but tonight has been the worse episode yet, all sorts of things have gone through my mind and it has me scared Parkinsons is raging through my mind just now. Has anyone got any advice other than get to the doctors has anyone else suffered from these terrible shakes.

Take care God bless.


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  • I think you'll find many of us have this problem. If you're worried, talk to your gp.

    Hope you get a good night. Tulip :)

  • Thanks for the quick answer Tulip my tremors have just started to ease off thank God it's now just what I would call mild shaking it will eventually stop I will be going to my GPs first thing Monday morning.

    Take care God bless.


  • Hi Rob, I used to get a lot of muscle twitching and muscle spasms/jerks. I have found that magnesium has helped with this. I still get the twitching but it has lessened considerably, I vary rarely have muscle spasms now.

    I hope you find something that works for you.

    Becky. X

  • Hi Rob, yes I've had all of those, I think you'll find nearly all of use have, but as malwimmy says magnesium is very good it doesn't always stop it but can lessen it, I agree it is nasty whilst its going on, I also get the spams in my thighs whilst standing and my legs feel like they are going to give way, I also have gabapentin for the nerve endings and it is suppose to help the restless legs....gentle hugs to u hope u have a better day tomorrow. ...Dee xx

  • I have been having that problem, they sending me to see a neurological Dr.its scary I know, I'm used to pain but the ticks jerks n. Tremors are worrying' nice to see I'm not alone!!!!

  • My experience of these spasms and twitches has given my boyfriend and I so many laughs.....eventually that is.... When it first started it was so strange and I found it worse at night especially as I was trying to relax and go to sleep, so it would prevent me from actually sleeping as the body, quite literally whole body spasms would wake me or it wakes my boyfriend as I tend to hit him lol

    Apparently I do still spasm but not as frequently and I do it whilst asleep, I think maybe my sleeping pills keep me knocked out sometimes! The downside to this is that my boyfriend does sleep in a separate room or not stay with me at all so he can sleep properly!! Lol

    The funny side has been when I have woken to discover him with bruises but he says he doesn't mind lol and when we might go away and stay in B&B's - if the beds are a bit tired and the walls a bit thin then....... We get knowing smiles at breakfast (chance would be a fine thing!!)

    Fortunately mine have settled for the time being x Hope u begin to get some relief soon

  • yep here's another sufferer and husband! Quinine tablets may well help which need to be prescribed by Dr! I have not resorted to them yet but one muscle spasm caused me to spill fruit juice over my laptop aaagh thank goodness for household insurance who covered the claim! Let''s hope the warmer weather encourages our bodies to soak up the benefits after all this difficult spring/summer!

    gentle hugs

  • I do get spasms and cramps but mainly when resting in bed. Wakes me up and have to get up to help circulation and then it goes off eventually. Will give magnesium a try after reading these answers.

  • I get internal tremors, which don't cause me pain, but do keep me awake, and they seem to activate usually at night. If there is a sudden noise, such as the phone bleeping, or say my husband suddenly coughs, it sets them off. They cannot be seen and cannot be felt by anyone but me.

  • Yes and I am going through a bad episode now. My whole body jerks including my head and jaw. I am relatively new to FM so didn't realise this was connected. I find it very scary and I'm not convinced it will settle.

  • Sorry to hear that rob the only thing i experience is twitching in my thumb which drivesxme crazy when i get mum suffers from fibro and she gets a tremor in her legs

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