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I,m Alive......... She whispered weakly and. A little over dramatically

What do you mean you hadn't noticed I had gone..... I can HEAR you all groaning and creaking as you head for shelter ..... I am Rather weak and subdued will catch up on loads of blogs and questions later.... I have had the bug that is doing the rounds... Pretty amazing when you think no one else in the family has it and I have only been out twice in the last two weeks.... Glares suspiciously at her morning coffee and her OH....

It wasn't the flu, but whatever it was it did not agree with fibro, have been so fogged I honestly thought I was losing my mind at one point... One minute I was freezing cold next I was sweating and eating gave me the most horrible stomach cramps so I didn't eat for two days ...but spent a lot of time admiring my bathroom. Maybe lack of food affected my fibro fogged brain, but I started to feel better last night so went into the kitchen in search of OH , standing at a safe distance away so I would feel guilty giving my germs to him, asked me what I was going to eat, I pointed to my plate and said.... Just a couple of serial killers with butter on......can you manage two he asked, of course I snapped back I,m blooming starving.... He then pointed out I was buttering cream crackers, not serial killers at all, then they will just have to do I said, as I stalked out of the kitchen with my plate, he could have at least have made them. For me, in my weakened state, though how he would have deciphered serial killers into cream crackers I am not sure but that's what I have been like for the last few days...

Some time this morning I have to phone my sons school, wish me luck I may be babbling incoherently for some time

VG x

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Mornng VG

Sounds silly but so pleased to hear you are feeling better it really is a ghastly bug an flatens you completely. I spent many hours viewing my bathroom from the pedestal. You have my sympathy!

gentle hugs ((((((((((()))))))))))) I take it the crackers - serial killers have stayed in the right place - good you will feel weak but much better from nw on.

If you are worried about your babble when you ring sons school write down what you need to expound before you ring. Why is it we are still terrified of talking to teachers (were ours really that scary) but it is true our intelligence seems to become like a thin soggy piece of pasta and very reluctant to give up its source (hehe) I am still bonkers good luck with phone call :) xins


I am sure your bathroom is lovely I hope you were sitting on said pedestal not standing In it, though If you do stand in your toilet and gaze at your bathroom nothing would surprise me , though I hope you remove your slippers first... On a serious note thank you for actually wanting me back.... Well ok you didn't actually go that far but being glad I am better is good enough.... I,ll try not to infect the forum,

Wanders off to read all the blogs and posts ..... Oh bugger I am going the wrong way....

Heads off in the right direction

VG x


I'm finding life really tough at the moment - your blogs cheer me up (a bit). :)


Oh tulips I am so sorry, is it anything you can rant about on here you know we will all listen but if you want to cope privately thats totally understandable, am glad gins and my babbling helps a little

Hugs to you VG x


Glad you are feeling better and up to eating. My speech is incoherent most of the time but it has my family in stitches trying to work out what I am saying. I often go to the freezers and ask for something stupid and they asked me what so I show them the chicken korma lol xxxxx


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