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Hospital Recommendations

After my disastrous appointment with my normal rheumy on Monday I'm going to ask my GP to refer me to someone who has a clue about Fibromyalgia and doesn't simply tell me to learn to live with the pain....

I've done some research and have found that both Guys in London and the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases both have what appears to be a good Fibro clinic. They both have similar journey times for me (I'm near Milton Keynes/Bicester)

I just wondered if anyone has any experience of these hospitals or knows of a good fibro doctor nearer to me.

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Dear SuzyB,

I have attended FMS Clinic, Guys London as an NHS patient and I am due to have another appointment sent through shortly. In my personal opinion I felt that it was beneficial to my situation.

All individuals have different experiences with Medical Treatment and others may or may not have the same positive experiences due to many reasons. However, it may be certainly worth looking into it further.

Best Wishes



Dr Coakley queen Mary's hospital sidcup Kent top man in his ffield,I had 3 different diagnosis b 4


I live on the South Coast and I asked my GP about a referral to Guys a few years ago. She said that she didn't think it would be appropriate for me, as the Dr's tend to want to give injections etc etc and she felt that that would be too much for my body to cope with (I was diagnosed 10 years ago and have got worse over the yrs. and I now have quite extensive arthritis as well as various other health problems) I said that the journey alone would probably wipe me out before I even got as far as the Dr's office and she agreed. I thought it was worth asking, just in case the journey would have been worthwhile but once she explained that some of the procedures might be a bit invasive I was happy to accept her advice. I am not sure how your symptoms affect you but if you are up to making a journey to another area in order to see a different Dr then I'd say "Go for it" as it might help you with your management of the condition. Unfortunately I don't know your area at all. I expect that Liberty in Admin might be able to advise you where to find out the information you need. Anyway, good luck if you go ahead and keep us all posted as to how you get on if you do make the trip to London. I'd be very interested to hear. Love and hugs. Saskia XX


I'm due to go into stanmore hospital for a 2 week residential rehabilitation. I've heard excellent things about them. you can be referred via the nhs choose and book scheme where your sent a list of consultants to choose from.


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