It's not a question, just a good fibro fog example.

I was talking to a salesman from Quingo mobility scooters on Friday, and was about to explain fibro fog to him......when my mind went completely blank and I forgot what I was saying lol. We both laughed about this; it was so good to have someone laugh with me, not AT me.

Now here's the question;

Has anyone else got a funny fibro fog story to share? X

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  • Hi Sarah,

    I have many many fibro fog moments, classic ones are when I forget the name of things and or get them mixed up. The other night my husband was about to turn into our driveway when a motorcyclist drove past us. I turned to my husband and said "If you'd have been rewinding then you would have hit him". I didn't even realise what I'd said until I saw my husband laughing and I said what's the matter and he told me "I think you meant reversing" Lol there are many many more. But that was a good one. It is good to have someone laugh with you though. Makes life much easier.

    Gentle fibro hugs to you xxxx

  • Lol yeah, I get words muddled. I just hope I never forget the lyrics to the songs I love singing, or put the wrong word in-not sure how I'd cover that one at a karaoke night, with the words on the screen in front of me. That's the thing though, I don't use the prompt screen. X

  • Hi,

    I was explaining to my sister that my mum had arrived at the... at the... couldn't think of the word and ended up saying "plane station". She said "I think you mean airport". Needless to say we did laugh about it. I thought it was a quite a clever description to come up with so quickly given my mind had gone blank :)

    Pip xx

  • Hi Pip how are you my friend nice to see you :)

    You have just made me chortle but it happens to me a lot, there are many 'thingy's' out there I find :D

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Pretty tired, but just getting a lovely foot rub from my OH - lucky me :) Hope you're ok xx

  • A lot better than I have been of late, fancy coffee in the morning? :)


  • Sounds like a plan ;) xx

  • :) :) :) xx

  • Please can I join you both ? :d xox

  • Of course xx

  • I do that aswell xx

  • You have to laugh ;) xx

  • Telling my hubby that I would be ready to go shopping as soon as I had finished eating my shoes. Am still trying to work out how breakfast became shoes :P sue

  • I think maybe because this was the next thing you thinking about doing after breakfast, put them on maybe ? ;)

  • possibly I can`t remember :O :)

  • I'm always in fibro fog these days it seems. What makes me laugh is how I accidentally come across the right word. For example, I was trying to tell Daughter how my hands felt, & I said, "You know that word that means 'stiff'...." prompting a knowing look & roll of the eyes at another 'mum moment'!

    Hugs, Julie xx

  • I was talking to someone about migraines earlier, and how we don't wish them on ourselves, and I had to ask if I had the right word-"we would be-what's the word, masochistic?-to wish that pain on ourselves". I know the word I'm looking for, but can't always find it. That's frustrating when filling out forms as well. X

  • Hi, was having a chuckle at the previous posts, and it reminded me of a recent embarrassing thing that I said at a funeral. The Vicar had come over to me and introduced himself, and then my husband joined us. I thought I would be polite and introduce the vicar to my husband. I said " let me introduce you to Andrew, he is the local parsnip" I meant parson! its a word I wouldn't normally use, but I couldn't find the right word! We all had a good laugh.

    GJ xx

  • Oh that would have been embarrassing lol. I have to admit I'm hoping my brain stays in bed when I go for my ESA exam at atos on Thursday. It's also the only time I would hope for my migraine to be at level 6 or above-not that either will make a difference to them. X

  • Good luck for Thursday Sarah! Fingers crossed for lots of fibro fog, and just a hint of a migraine! xx

  • Yep, good luck Sarah, must be the only time its ok to hope someone gets fibro fog & a migraine! Just hope its a shortlived one, one that disappears as soon as your home, Julie xxxx

  • That made me chuckle so embarrassing you just pray he is hard of hearing , I say hard of hearing xx

  • I heard that, pardon :P

  • This made me chuckle, thanks for sharing :)

  • oh gerryjay, that made me laugh so much, i can relate to all these posts, it's embarrassing though when we do it with ppl we don't know, or forget half way through a conversation what we were talking about! lol my kids thought i had dementia when it 1st started happening, i was worried tho until i knew it was part of fibro. try explaining that to a stranger! the look on their faces haha ....:) xx

  • New meaning to parsnip's nose.

    Does any one listen to Nicholas Parsnip :)

  • Or at least until I'm on the bus back home lol. I shall take an immigran as soon as I leave that place of torture. I'm dreading it. At my last medical I was labelled as fat and lazy. This time, besides the fibro and migraines, I have a coccyx injury and evidence of an old fracture to my L1 to contend with, so God help him or her if they pull me about this time! X

  • Well goodnight all my fibro buddies. Feeling very old now as I'm 45 today lol. Gentle hugs to you all. X

  • Happy Birthday Sarah :) Good Luck for Thursday. If you haven't done so already please do email me as I can provide you with information which may help.

    I look forward to your email -

    Emma :)

  • Thanks Emma. I will note down that in my diary. X

  • Happy Birthday Sarah hope it was a good day - Good luck for Thursday Keep smiling it is so important Laugh and the whole world laughs with you :D xxxgins

  • Live well Laugh often Love Much

  • I'm hoping it will be a good day in some way-despite not getting a nice long birthday lie-in lol. Otherwise it's gonna be ground hog day, stuck at home with nothing to do but kill the pain. But thank you. Gentle hugs. X

  • Happy Birthday :) Hope you don't have a groundhog day and all goes your way on Thursday. Thanks for the post, between it and your replies I have had a good laugh...Susan :)

  • I make an art form of it Sarah, I will post properly in the morning as my eyes are out on stalks and I'm exhausted, but fear not, you are not alone, by a very long way. :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi Sarah1969

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry, but I really had to laugh when I read this! I can really relate to it though.

    I hope it doesn't happen too much for you?

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Lol that's okay Ken. My purpose in posting was so that we COULD laugh with each other at the daft things the fog makes us do and say. If we don't get to have a laugh, I reckon we would all go insane. X

  • Happy birthday Sarah Hoping for you to have a good one hugs sue xx

  • happy birthday sarah, good luck for thursday ;)xx

  • Thank you. X

  • Many happy returns. Anyone know how to do an Emo Kiss? xx anyway.

    My first story is not truly fibro but could have been. I was talking on the phone to my cancer friend when she asked "where's my phone?". I said "probably in you hand next to your ear".

    I think chemo brain is very similar.

    No 2 mmm embarrassing. I lost my wallet. I did all the retrace your steps and run the film back things - nothing. It had all my holiday cash £600 :) so I cancelled cards, memberships, etc.

    3 MONTHS later it turned up in a box on the top shelf. The question is why did I put it there?

  • Good question lol. Yeah I've done the phone thing, chatting to my daughter on it, then suddenly I say, "bubs I've lost my phone. Can find it anywhere", to which she replied, "don't worry mum, you'll findIit when we get off this call". It took me a couple of minutes to realise what she meant lol. She's 19 weeks pregnant so has baby-brain at the moment. X

  • I wonder if there's a link to that too, he said not entirely flippantly. The brain is such a complex and wonderful machine it's no wonder at times it develops the odd glitch :)

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